Come on let the room to laugh a little smile :)

today,I wanted to share a cute funny things between our people, our society and hassa (laugh, you laugh or you use labor I thought I would ☺ )

First, let’s talk ajdar forensic artist,according to me, there is not an artist ajdar, but it rubs the ego the man himself, so that no one in my life that I haven’t seen a thing ?

most of the legendary and ajdar word , My ? the world’s most handsome (he told himself)

I saw on sports channel as a commentator Ziya Sengul man always, but very cold as a person, the guy rubs me the wrong way with how to tell a joke here and the guy is ashamed.(Nobody’s laughing) ?

well, there’s always what we call celebrities, but our society never sober not refer to, and what their sense of humor into my country wow wow wow wow ? the laughs are few, there you have it ,

Artist of the year,Turkey bülent ersoy who is one of the most powerful voices in this scene made me laugh, maybe it’s not true, but love can be so gentle, even when he love a person ? The moment you say, there you have it ? ?

let eveeeeetttt convinced) CEM yılmaz can dündar tries to tell a joke to hire and guest program offers, and unfortunately is really bad and look what happens when words skillfully pastes CEM Yilmaz ,

however, offered ajun years ago “AJUN on the run” program, during the presentation “GAY”if he falls for Lara 😀 and look at how are amazed at how our current Survivor] ajun ,

I laughed at the video one of the most a laugh when I see this video come on in here ,

The Gathering extend thanks and I didn’t want to bother you if you like, if you like it) thank you everyone


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