Common Misconceptions About The Gemini Man

this article, while talking with a lady I just to know right when I realized what was wrong I decided to write. Will be a bit of a long post, just you. But in the end, you will understand Why we looked Different and dangerous. Gemini as I write this article completely.


First, let me correct known errors,

1 – Gemini man cheat.

2 – rely on if you need to.

3 – the eye is outside.

4 – Envy.

5 – dual character (two-sided)

6 – is a liar.

and more.


let’s go to correct immediately

1 – Gemini man cheats on.

In fact, he’s more loyal than a dog (for those who don’t know all the dog’s Loyalty. Knows can look at the video.)

The reason they love someone until the end of rely. A single time you noticed a change in her already tiny sarsils or trust you’ll notice. Gemini man love, even though it continues to remain faithful. (Except for the rotten eggs among us.) There is a value to measure the loyalty. So faithful that some Gemini men he’d swear (if you swear that it is impossible that. Many of us adopted it. The oath of the Motherland with honour and pleasure it is the country it is provided. ) and if accepted the home as his girlfriend. While shopping from the grocery store, the cashier is no respecter of even.

but if you shake his confidence. I say get past.


2 – on the subject of the need to trust.

The World No. to make sure the security is the safety of the twins, heard from you, never don’t tell anyone else, you see, he doesn’t tell anyone else, on the contrary, shut down and tries to hide. The trust is not only This, of course, is a master of the relationship in the case of security. Love really can’t do that for the one you love like crazy is crazy, no one the twins. Even the head of the mob for love may come after 🙂


3 – the outside of your eye is wrong.

actually, never a look out for the twins, Only we have a special interest in restrictions and prohibitions (stops your mind 😀 ). You a girl / boy, or forbidden to talk with friends makes it go out of spite (we are as stubborn he goat bezdirece not even let him jump 😀 ) but if you release (So I wouldn’t say at the time that escapes) it’s difficult if you put ban instead of a limit, but never exceed it. Instead of saying You can’t do that then It would be nice if you say you don’t do so gladly would do it. Like to be ruled by a Gemini (Especially by her lover (Though only by her lover) But if abarmaz.) so it was ruled to feel that actually you think you like 😀 . But despite everything, his life and his choke if he doesn stay out of the prohibitions of sociality with If you are to make sure his friend just said friend. Carefully he chooses his lover and loves the twins.


4 – Envy is wrong.

Actually, are jealous to death if you only knew how your mind stops. T-34 tank panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger walking on top of the tank. Always quiet and sneaky moves but jealous in envy lies in wait as a sniper, makes the shot for miles if a bullet hits like get away from there before the words. If your so jealous, but you lose. soguruz will make you jealous, because you left once we cleared our words mind the pain in your heart why? you are left with the thought alone.

(NOTE: Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger 1 10 Tank T-34 is equal to.)


5 – dual character (two-faced) to talk about

(I love that she was the most annoying.).

about this two-faced we’re not. us we’ve got more than one character. The only problem is she is. It’s our the reason we’re undecided. Our characters are constantly in our minds, our logic and our emotions in a fight to the death. he confused us and that’s why we are become unstable. Malice we never approach people (they can burn our souls. Sada will be at the level we’ll deal burned to get past suicide.) Always look at the Bright Side and loving we try to be in character depending on the environment we will be for We to usually. We show just a single character but for the people we love.


6 – is a liar.

generally no, we don’t lie, okay, I admit it 😀 we lie, but we do not at a very difficult time when involuntary exits. We know we did so much to squeeze you. (Deception, etc does not apply in cases of. He can spit in my mouth even spitting burcdas I can help in those cases.)


Buddha Bonus, if you are interested in a Gemini If there are a few things you need to do to achieve it. These

you must be smart, the reason Mind Games are twins and the death of many people who themselves can play with words like a child’s toy with love and respect approaches. If you like it, if you can’t don’t even try.

mystery, by mystery in the song, like a donkey if you may kiskandirirs. Erases your mind stops you. Mysterious by your character, be sure to put question marks to solve them Didikleriz each side and we take great pleasure from this game.

personal care, personal care, show your care, or we’re not.

Smooth gait, speech, and facial expressions, these are just a few of the factors that affect us.

And the biggest thing

make sure to approach it like playing a game, like a lot of twins games. What do you mean ? tell

the spirit of the twins between the ages of 3-12 are always, always the thinker, sensible and mature (Emotional problems us thinking 😀 ) But there’s not a trace from the logic came into the game and maturity at the time, you know, we’ll be kid. Make sure that you take it as a game you play in your relationship of friendship to be happy, if happy will make you many times more.

This is important, it gives the twins more times, if you give love, smother you with love and respect if you give take to the skies gives you joy if you give Love, if you’ll excuse the anger, look out 🙂

thanks for reading, any questions or via private message can be accessed. Have a good time.


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