Confusing and Films useful to the contours of the brain -1

haaaaa there watching and after watching what I watched some movies, and of course the response to loss. Some of them are in this CEM through you at? caz.


The Dream actually a dream within a dream with pieces of a dream and more with the concept of our film from start to finish, and if that is done what we call it when it’s like that huh, huh now what a final present. What am I saying? I don’t believe. 6 Series or even the movie if they would have been actually a little seasonal but they haven’t. Dom/Robert/Eames/Arthur/Ware/initials Saito Dreams are dying Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf is getting added to share dreams.

you’re hayrol your dream.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless Mind

promised 2 times that of unusual venues and confused with the subject of the confusion in the movie inception, you may be really confused. Curves you can be aware of your brain. To host a love the film is an added bonus. After watching a really good movie, ideal for those who want to be able to say I saw the film.

I heard a rumor that you forgot, the color of my eyes.

The matrix revolutions

here is what I saw more than a movie or even a movie whom movie 3, It’s a trilogy. Figure out the movie and watching it all at once since they come with a question. The slow motion of the film with bonus what is it and how I think it must be.

while watching the movie

Fight club

in the output there’s a fight you don’t follow many things with his head that teaches a cinema classic. A legend in music and acting for film. Ha what we say confusion? You’ll want to watch more than present from the end of the film. As you can tell from the poster, soap and cleaning on the concept of a film, The film is actually a consumer society rorororo say before writing it here I’ll cut.


most of the list wanted to close with his father. Yes, roll your brain in your skull (skull separate adjacent? Anyway, the film is giving a head getting literally understand the effect of the Nobel Prize in physics for work they give

The meaning of the film as a whole I found the following order for those who want to watch.

****** movie ********** black and white

********************* 2:25
****** 2:48 ********** 6:07
****** 6:42 ********** 9:45
****** 10:36 ******** 15:30
****** 16:14 ******** 21:21
****** 21:57 ******** 25:37
****** 27:18 ******** 30:23
****** 31:13 ******** 37:48
****** 38:33 ******** 43:10
****** 44:09 ******** 46:54
****** 47:21 ******** 49:55
****** 50:08 ******** 51:21
****** 51:32 ******** 54:17
****** 55:07 ******** 57:02
****** 57:41 ******** 1:00:05
***** 1:02:15 ******* 1:06:30
***** 1:07:04 ******* 1:09:59
***** 1:10:23 ******* 1:14:06
***** 1:19:06 ******* 1:19:50
***** 1:20:12 ******* 1:22:58
***** 1:26:25 ******* 1:30:06

The first black-and-white came down from above, then the left bottom milk follow-up.

neither the link to read my Other


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