Darkening Whitening The Genital Region

wearers as I am, I know this thread is quite high. But you won’t need to wear. So, I wanted to share my own experiences and my research. Primarily genital or Bikini area, are exposed to darken due to different reasons.

a little information about it is almost going to cause a blackout in the genital area. Still, let me explain.


  • without breaking a sweat induced blackout
  • sourced from blacking out the wrong selection of underwear
  • due to blacking out without shaving with a razor
  • hair removal occurred as a result of blacking out when done incorrectly

first of all you need to do is keep the area clean. Especially those with weight problems to live a lot of salt on the rash thing. For this reason, in the land. Please pay attention to cleanliness.

then, make sure your underwear is cotton. Do not use Polyester as much as possible.

use the network instead of Razor. I know it’s a painful procedure waxing a bit, but you get used to yourself if you’re going to say I got rid of a good thing than a razor blade.

let’s kararmal they improve.

pay attention to the options above I’ll say that if you do these methods, make sure that you will be satisfied with the result.


  • massage Your genital area with lemon juice for 3-4 minutes. You can wax it then it is up to you. The only advantage of your time with your application after waxing unwanted hair thinner.
  • kararmal softening effect of olive oil removes dead skin and genital tract. Before you Shower by massaging with olive oil around the vagina for 3-4 minutes bleaching can provide.
  • half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly, a coffee cup of apple juice, half teaspoon lemon juice mix. Primarily the genital area and your hands should be clean, dry mixture with your hands by driving on the bikini area, you must ensure that your skin works. Bleaching the vagina you are driving wait for it to dry, after it dries, with a clean, damp cloth (bag may also be used) through the genital area clean. Powder your genital area clear.
  • The results will make you happy. I’m glad you take time for yourself if you want to make you happy 🙂


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