Death Will Not Wait For :) But

let’s not forget :

for each reward we will return 🙂


  • how can so much good points 🙂

it’s a sin to do prostitution friends, do not.If you don’t want to burn out your body heat and the flame Nacizade of course, you are a reminder.

if you want you can change the denomination before you die 🙂

I don’t do being sneaky like that again, tell me if you get caught 🙂

The virgins won’t please everyone I guess 🙂

After the death of livable jealous girls 🙂

it’s not clear what will happen to the girls that what men do after death, but very lucky 🙂

we’re jealous, that’s why they have they sacked us a bunch of virgins 🙁

after the men go with the specifications indicated in the verse of the world to wait for 🙂

here you go 🙂 the virgins 🙂 you’ll have 4 wives Men 🙂

The virgins they are going to be and how
Here according to our holy book 🙂
physical specifications:
big and beautiful/attractive eyes you have [such as Pearls [17]
that is not a feather in their bodies, except for hair and eyelashes [18]
white [21]
60, a heavy[45-54] minutes.
7, a heavy [5.3-6.3 meters wide] [21]
fine, so it appears the skin to the bone [20][12]
ageless [18]
Age [19][23]

sexual traits :
Untouched / sexual relationship with the membranes intact [24][25]
Virgin [26]
Voluptuous/plump-breasted [19]
which will not SAG, never large, round breasts [20][3]
Vagina arousing desire, appetizing [10]

personality :
Chaste [14]
his gaze stores/tame [14][24]
Modest-looking [27]

features :
Wonderful [28]
Pure [12]
see pieces / Toilet who have children and who does not need [20][29]
never disgruntled non – [29]
praise the layout [6]

come on, good to see you again 🙁


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