Dermalogica clean start for a fresh start by: special care for young skin

Dermalogica specialists, to develop healthy skin care habits for life, a clean start for young people developed. A clean start with a complete skin care system for young skin the area under their control the most common problems of the skin, cleaning, regulating and consists of products specially formulated to moisturize.

Youth ever ever

the body acts to the new hormones with puberty. Androgen hormone which improves the activity of sebaceous glands, especially with the work of changing the oil secretion, smooth pores and skin that is pimples or black spots can be observed even expands on previously.

only 8 Clean Start acne skin care special products series, offers complete care for young skin. Clean Start-up with effective products and provides solutions to the most common skin problems experienced by young people and also purifies and calms the skin.

does not contain artificial colors, fragrance or drying alcohol products never irritating a clean start.

those who want to make a fresh start in skin care products the pharmacies all of the outstanding clean start skin care centers, or will be able to get it from.

don’t know where to start?

clean start skin care has a special surprise for those who know where to start! Cleanser, exfoliating mask/cleansers, moisturizers and night treatment gel Clean Start Kit with TL instead of TL until 31 December 155 88 will be for sale.

clean start Products

wash off
a clean start to the day
morning and evening, every day
on the skin’s surface dead skin cells, oil and dirt cleans, foamy cleanser. The content of salicylic acid helps remove acne-causing bacteria and oil trapped in pores.
Price: 65 TL – 180 ml

clear all over
strengthen and call!
morning and evening, every day
this soothing Tonic spray when sprayed on the skin it keeps the acne away and you are taking control of lubrication! Burdock root and licorice extract helps to relax and damp skin.
price: $ 60 – 120 ml

Ready, Set, scrub!
buy a new identity for your skin
in the morning or in the evening, 3-5 times per week
this… This is a peeling mask, acne-fighting, binary product that cleans pores and skin more smooth, clean and refreshed, it helps. Makes the skin smooth as it helps to remove skin cells from clogging the silica granules.
Price: $ 70 – 75 ml


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