Deserved the CHP to power in this election, but?

one of the promises of economic akepe. Pension only under $ 1000, TL 1000, 1100 e 1000 soylediler put on something else to complete. He also happened after the time of the CHP, the CHP was able to save money without more power, so choosing what. Meanwhile, Hamas, the AKP with these promises pensioners a £ 100 raise said We do, but it’s not, already there was a raise inflation to do, and we give her a raise they’re giving only 30-50 whereas the mode explained in tl.
akepe the economy just gives you this promise. This selection of the main Valley akepe administrative system change. They want to pass the presidency to erdoğan’s style, so their presidential promise, but what he said is not a system in any country. fear of the other party except for hdp from this system in the form of the state and the country turn into a dictatorship have to be managed. each province in its own right as a prime minister and President will all be connected to the BI’s. state and Kurdistan in the southeast. next they will divide the country. also they speak they say in the ads makes the AKP. you know, they’re always talking about what they do, they do they offer one thing new. because we did let people vote once they’re 50 times. of all people you chose, and you’ve done your duty, but why would you choose now? This European mentality have no place in you already, you’ve done Your task, now you’ve done it before, is bullshit to say that again.
the promises of MHP’s pretty good. Hdp promises clean politics, young people vote, they can take you seriously anymore. The head teacher has gone Heydar again $ 5,000 minimum wage was saying the other day. the real danger of the Communist Party, Motherland, personally I think Erdogan is the guy in the perinçek Öcalan hand in hand with left wing started to take vote seriously.
If the owner of the most beautiful promises of the CHP in this election: Personally, the CHP, he surprised me the first time I see them so eager. Promises in the first 100 days clean up from the dirt of politics, the AKP will judge s Li

a day in the top 100 they will raise taxes from the minimum wage, the minimum wage will be 1500. pensions and the salary will be 1500 in two years will receive a bonus. See unbiased consider that I’m not delusional, believe me, things that can be done. retired salary 2 Bonuses will be given this money but they also go food, six pillows, they won’t. that will give the person who cut the victim an allowance grandson will go back into the economy. and
moreover, the CHP also said that the solution process will perform in a certain way, get caught in your head.
of the last century, the project presented the project of Central Turkey, the details too long to search for him. Only 1.5 million people would be employment for the state, 50 billion, the private sector will invest 150 billion dollars in the central city’s BI-raisers with up to 15 hours from Shanghai to 55 days and the product from the Caucasus is a future project, here, however, Assembly, packaging, etc, such as hundreds of new companies to set up, I’ll give you a clue. Again, 1.5 million jobs.
what the right-wing to left. Without the dam, I was going to give a HEPAR. I have the pain of being an old AKP Li. Now,as a family, we’re between the MHP and CHP. But the CHP came with promises of Turkey above industry standards.Even the election ad is very good. We as a nation applaud applaud applaud now in the country so we are free to just and also pain. Who said retired master 1500, where source is the finance minister, the Minister of Religious Affairs on the issue of the cost of all the cars in Mercedes tahsi peanuts in the state budget, the state said it doesn’t. AKP makes an economy evaluate then from there they talk. OK, the minimum wage has risen, but life pahalilasti. This is most clear to understand at that time with money, we could get gold how many grams how many grams you’re getting now. When you understand how many grams how many grams krizde alabiliyod you now, how much month Grana, search our stolen.

my vote for the CHP, I’ll wait for you.


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