Differences Between Men And Girls

Differences between men and Girls

although we know that, stand in need of each other, even though most of the time we have contrasting ideas. What a difference we have to do for each other what matters now, let’s see it.

don’t apologize

The Figure – A’ exactly what is happening as events. Whatever you do, as they say empty, just for men, for girls, not a problem.

when the relationship ends

rejoice, because I got rid of the male in the relationship, because the girl broke up with cry. Over time, things got turned upside down, mostly.

physical difference

of course, our physical differences. Hair, Nov, moustache, beard (I’m undecided 🙂 just kidding, no offense), etc. our physical differences.


we corresponded many times here. The girls here emotionally in sports is reflected. Men and is in pursuit of laughs.

computer files

edit the layout everywhere. Most of the men we is messy, you can see our naming the file on the computer, the girls, on the contrary, in order to edit everywhere 🙂

friends chat

most of the times it Event 🙂 being jealous of their friends because there is usually more males among themselves doesn’t have a sense of the problem.Most of the times the girls experiences this problem. There is a saying: men are girls, girls, girls dresses for just because that’s the thing.


Just in your shoes not many clothes in this situation we are able to experience. Go to the closet and usually , I don’t oops I never have anything to wear, they say 🙂


Generally, we use the method of halay when the photo was taken, we, the girls, as shown in Figure A. 🙂

start the day

while starting on the day the men prepared and 15 minutes, the girls 1.5-2 hours of the beginning of the day makes 🙂


after the fight that we fight, we make peace with the people, while the girls is not such a situation. Year: don’t forget even.

hair salon

Usually after leaving the Salon, the ladies comes a confidence, left to right, is released from, and the men to go home after I left the salon searches for the shortest path.


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