Different Approaches To The Armenian Question (2. Chapter)

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this whole Armenian rebellion, invasion and genocide that Russia is behind what I’ve said in previous articles. With the occupation of Russia to reach the Mediterranean and in Anatolia achieve the purpose here was moving. The occupation of the genocide of the Armenians and if you look at the map we can easily take any Mediterranean destination.

the Russians encouraged the Armenians with the promise of an independent state.
I want to write in contrast to the known mysteries. So everyone knows, a clean conscience in its form of Genocide has taken place if accepted of course, the Armenians who did this. These facts are well known. For example I saw today – a thousand Muslims were massacred by Armenians according to claim 519. Now I want to write more of these events to insights.

Genocide claims

our 90 thousand soldiers freeze to death in the mountains of sarıkamış martyrs, who benefit from the fact that the Russian army was divided into two branches, flowed into Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia. There were also Armenian volunteer regiments of the Russian army in front. These Armenian villages in Eastern Anatolia and the regiments individually by pressing the unarmed innocent people slaughtered. In some villages slaughtered all Muslims without a single human. Roasting meat, they did eat it they did cut it they made the kids and their mother roasting meat. They massacred the bellies of pregnant women. To have survived and the other various painful torment etc

the Russians retreated from the region, as well as Armenians was taken. After the Russian army retreated and left the people, the Armenians, where they found that response they gave. A natural response can’t be more than that. Action-reaction it’s a matter of. Would be a grain of sand compared to what they have done. He called it a genocide and called.

this malettil genocide of the Kurds. The Kurds have to live with that for the whole Western world is destroyed. Therefore, at that time, all the Kurds because the Kurds of today, while spraying fire in the western press supports the PKK, which were a great support to plan the future of Armenians, the Armenian organization asala extension, is the sequel to. Even from the mother or from the father of Öcalan and the Kurdish Armenians.


touted as the Kurdish PKK organization, the Organization for purposes of visualization Kurds and Armenian. The major part consisted of Armenian militants of the organization in the first place. Even then we’ve heard on the news, among them there were militants of different nationalities.

the southeastern region to purchase land from across the EU after Turkey adopted law has become widespread. Armenians also by launching campaigns throughout the world had started to build financial resources for this cause. Pulling clips and movies on various Holocaust promotion are found in the call for help and they did. This plan is just of the Jews from Palestine statehood with the method of purchase of land looks like.

the murders they’ve done throughout the world to give actuality to this. Turkish celebrities had no goal. Especially in Europe, and hear their voices, they were able to commit these murders.

this M. I after they confer to the contemporary world.The organization Abdullah Ocalan an Armenian T employee who is’ they found. Because that’s why they chose him. Ocalan after 12 March 1971, the student was arrested for the incident. Baki Tug nationalist acquitted him and released him from prison. It is known that this recovery is for trying to mit.

an Armenian orphan is the person that grew up with a Turkish family. The head of the Armenian movement in Wolf’s clothing with today’s organization, they brought. I don’t see the need to extend too much, he is known to have.

3 The purpose of this organization. First, Kurds to avenge the massacre of Armenians in the events of 1915 in the fact that the people of the region the Kurds in the lead. Second, reduce the people of the region. The third is to reduce the land. The unrest in the region for these activities, the entire building need to be evacuated villages and the aftermath of terrorist events, don’t you? Anyway. Let’s stick with basics.

The Great Middle East project

This is the Torah of the Jews to find the answers to all muaamma that is based on the principle of faith need to understand. The Israeli flag symbolize the Nile and Euphrates rivers and two on the blue line. The land between these two rivers you get, and you’re going to make a homeland, and you will destroy the 7 people who live here.

This is the Decree of the Torah. and
also in line with this aim the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, they feel it is necessary.

The first drive Armenians revolt against the Ottomans in the region so providers also ermenilesmis the wake of those who are Jews. Today, is the source of terrorism in the region. The purpose of terrorism in the region between the Nile and the Euphrates to the borders of Israel to incorporate the Promised Land. Drum and Clarion comply with deluded members of the Kurdish community and supposedly put to sleep a Kurdish state to be established with the dream. If you ask a citizen at the level of elementary school, a Kurdish state can be established even if a state that can last up to 3 months under Turkey’s blockade and embargo.

such a bullshit are being deceived by promises, and even bop to the project, the political wing of the PKK terrorist organization who has served the organization to provide support. Great for Zionism the state of Israel may not exceed beyond a dream. Themselves themselves themselves against Hitler in World War II for this project, as they cause Genocide to their medical winters will not be able to succeed in the folly.


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