Different Human Faces

every society of the human race has shown that vary according to. The distinction between black and white,as the genes of nations are usually very different from each other.Now maybe our faces are young,unwrinkled you’re doing any maintenance. Now a days are getting old and wrinkled.Each person that varies in our faces.

some of us, that our troubles barindiriri angles of the NEC statement.We are always full.

hides under some white skin and mysterious gaze. Different in appearance, is the same as when we were there. We were made different people in what we do.

here is the difference, of course is out of the question of superiority. A blonde,a brunette,be black, be white, no matter what, we all are human. As Rumi said.

there are different kinds of mirrors.He looks the window to see his face,looks at who wants to see the essence of the soul.

the faces that will change and finally comes old age, and old age nurlanir.Every crease with worry. Experienced the nice days is a memoir of each crease.A deep sigh teen years.

change the last paroxysm are no longer in the face.

every age has its beauty.

This is not really a cheer every age has a different maturity Qatar,is what gives meaning to human life.Live life for every moment beautiful let us not regret that we cannot return let’s laugh,let her cry.Our faces is slowly changing though.

your tears I wish you happiness.

the Paladin.


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