Dizzying new developments in IVF

reproductive medicine is growing very fast

last status tube babies!

I have a couple of 80 million that still need to undergo IVF…

in the last 10 years of the most important developments in the field of Health comes to those who are concerned with reproductive health. Bahceci IVF Group, the biggest investments have been made in this regard, after leaving the hospital fulya terrace at the newly opened German centre, by using all the opportunities of technology to serve their patients. Established on an area of 2500 square meters, in the center, with all the experienced team that implements the techniques related to women’s health and IVF treatment Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci,

Bahceci group of doctors Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist op. Dr. Bora Cengiz, explained the latest innovations in IVF treatment:

This is why we’re being hailed by our patients after many years. Sperm or eggs that could not be obtained, a patient was found

where is stem, how is it done?

news from the newspaper on June 16, 2010

less egg and sperm better

Ministry of Health, Reproductive Medicine brought some limitations of our applications with the new regulation. The master of Ministry, and the right target, multiple pregnancies, early births, and so the reduce. However, the limitation of the introduction of single embryo transfer under the age of 35, according to two embryos transfer will lower the success of pregnancy. According to European data (ESHRE 2006) single embryo transfer embryo transfer in two patients in all age groups increased compared to previous years, although `the INA is applied. In our country, women under the age of 35 in selecting the best embryo with the introduction of mandatory single-embryo transfer has gained great importance. Researchers in America these embryos also

we’re selecting the best embryo Metabolomics


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