Do you believe in dreams? What Fortunes? For those who wonder about the difference, I think.

Hello. Actually just here for the night with a lady under each question to have assumed a different identity and working to establish a dialogue, unfortunately, but for those who know the concept of their own nation, the man from the man I opened.

main Hani-sister, and it ends when everyone sees the same concept.A friend says it’s our dream, you’re going to die and the other one says, another says, the other says you have cancer. To see the event. You can see it rolling. That are not taken on critiquing.

The example I gave above with the guy fantasizing a thousand words without molestation are in already 🙂

Again, everyone for their own good, and I think that I feel is necessary to be interested in yi, patiently read, something I’m sure you’ll earn.And when I say fine, should avoid the temptation to empty the place, and I’ll explain the dream down in a minute to make you aware on the importance of knowledge and their consequences for the prospects they see how a minute’s sin at the information they want give with my FAL stabbers. Unfortunately, today has increased so much that it’s bullshit.

what is the dream ? IS IT THE TRUTH ? YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ?

Hani alhamdulillah we are Muslim, but there are questions do you believe China s so, because Muslim believe in the Quran, too, shall pass, they say, but it wasn’t mentioned in the Quran under the writer of dream every dream, you’re clear now that the subconscious, at Murat, FAL or something is trying to interpret it is the heart, love everyone like crap ?

Below I will explain according to the example, and the importance of Quranic verses and hadiths in the end times, so today is the dream of communication between the servants of God, wouldn’t you say Quran and Sire sav. Those others who are curious, a very simple prayer .

this hadith : me and you the bowls of God in the end times, ash will live in his dreams.

The definition of the dream is in the realm of our soul from our body had fallen asleep the other is up to our brain to see when is a witness. Yeah, best short, best summary.

as will be understood Allah TA’ala is stated in the verse, and Allah the deceased’s death when the time comes, and gets hurt by death die or not to die peacefully in her sleep, and the other leaves until a certain time. No doubt, there are signs for a people that’s very good. says.

this and similar verses for those who are really aware that there are hadith that points to it.

Setup-for the moment, Joseph r.a. time of Prophet Joseph (as)] the Science of dream interpretation which is given to them in their sleep news, we purport to the verse after me, the only Messenger between God and his servant want to see a few of the examples are the dreams of the righteous hadith.

under the supervision of Allah a clean heart that is pointing like dreams, not really no, but God is with me, I will according to the word he left his servant, and his servants tell us the news they want to steer himself, and fearful dreams, and the face is kind of a dream to him.

In addition, in your daily life stress, brain fatigue lost our reasoning to the order of importance in the relationship, Fortune – tarot subconscious played games are types of those who go through the bullshit dream.

am I a dream and that I will not comment on them equivalent to the Chinese of our brothers and sisters are pawns, but they don’t realize. Duasiz sleeping or recite from prayer during the day to take time for something as inconsequential nonsense at the rate of one-tenth away from the mercy of people who recite the Genie’s dreams from varieties that influence consciousness, as waking up in the morning close to the time observed between the deep sleep with dreams, remembered all the details because they have more authentic-real and is open to interpretation.

Yes, those who know knows I could be on occasion, I am a commentator and his dream knowledge, it’s not a special talent, so is one of the Sciences that can be given to anyone who wants with Allah, the setup-time religion, such as interpreting a single verse and then tell yobazca take this illogical, instead of addressing completely unbiased, questioning and looking for answers you don’t understand, everyone sees wisdom in the heart of the birth of. No one can stop that. Every letter of every verse of Quran the Word of God until the Book of secrets, wanting to see her heart already sees. But ash I have to eat her pride, so God gave you the brain that Allah gave permission you’re showing the inability to use will power against him, and the cause of people with wrong deeds or misdirected emotions, open the heart when you think everyone with a good intention, the answer is that you can get. For the sake of someone that is beautiful, and can be instrumental. I’ve had a lot of it, you know I could say too much on it, but also those who selfishly use it for good, among those you do, Of course.

hopefully, you read and I have a brother who has fallen into this error, after that mock rather than to a brother about the dream, or ask those who know for yourself, or directing wrong with saying is good deeds do not lead to .

Abu huraira (radiyallahu anh) narrates: the messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that: the time approached when the dream of the believer, it almost won’t tell a lie. Essentially the dream of the believer is the forty-six parts of prophethood is a part of. There is in the hadith of Bukhari than water: from heaven it can’t be cuz the thing is a lie. and
Vapour, 26 TA’an, Muslim, dream 8, (2263), al-Tirmidhi, dream 1, (2271), Abu dawud, adab 96, (5019).

according to this and similar hadith, Allah is pointing to contradict what his servant for granted, take it, run mock Circus ?

and, accordingly,

the dreams of the righteous, Evil (Genie ) dreams, the subconscious, dreams.

The Messenger-s.a.v.-s my dream is in three parts: one is glad tidings from Allah. The ego one is talking. One is to scare the devil. the good news is allocated the words into three categories of divine Dreams, which he described as one of the type is considered rare nowadays rahmani news.Usually, common dreams , evil characteristics, sensual, complicated feeling to the hearts of duygulanma that reflected clearly the evil nature which supply views.

do not let the water FAL crap 🙂

what is the FAL, HOW they know it is a sin ?

Fal God, he is an associate. So Broadcast, the owner of the future, and one even the Lord, the Lord s.a.v. e alone and lonely I know the answer to a question asked the unseen who speak for our Lord, his slave and messenger, the Lord of his favorite s.a.v. ‘ that didn’t give me a miracle, that knows the past and the future, corresponding to table 3-5 cents a comment to the poor person who made or gave it to you ? does it fit into logic ?

How do they know, I swear to my brother, who sins by saying,

the goblins who listens to you when describing your problem to you isn’t here there everywhere, knows everything, and in communication with each other within fractions of a second of space and place changed ? Ash was in rebellion against God and the fortune – look at things like the Tarot and look up when you had the Chinese no longer his quiet friend. Someone who intends the minister to look at ash, he renames his feelings Chinese whispers, you know your history, those who mind-numbingly anyone open his mouth bleed. Starved for attention already, we are feeling a lone in the crowd beaten with society, And what is good for us, without knowing what is waiting for us, we have had the values he hopes the psychic was wondering what he can say your event starts here.

Knew.! Yes a new guy I met/meet. Yes it’s true, yesterday I had a fight with my dad today, took my heart, etc etc etc . I would consider a thousand example. While we wait with interest to those who know China already in the past said You’re going to marry tomorrow, if you will believe or hope you will. Now read this carefully friends.

Ayat-al-kursi, Allah gave orders to his angels about his servants, and tells about the power that our minds can’t get their deeds designated place. In the old days, after the age of ignorance, the priests, and the Chinese in the world and get news from here in the era that gave the news to her followers, Yes, were the owners of information about the future, and this concept came from that time to the present day. Mediumship, clairvoyance, Tarotculuk, Totemcilik etc.

in the Qur’an, HUD, and through the lowering of the period of time in China, the Chinese Lord of s.a.v. through the words and the signs that said watch out for

yokladik the sky, and meteors filled it with found it hard with the guard. Previously we’d lie in the areas of listening of the sky convenient ambush. But now one of us hearing the voices of encounters with asteroids if they run there waiting for him.

Well, does anyone know how to those living today, in fact, now-minded and for a person that is aware the answer is obvious.

the goblins who listens to you, about your past that told me to the poor. God is not the same as the scientific concept of the concept of time with ashes. Most of US 50 years, 500 years, in the sight of God we can understand in a language I can say that you like. The deeds of his servants the angels descends to the earth and been running for them when the news reports ten into one of the Chinese who stole their poor unseen news, we thought we were already buyrulmus orders already written into the deed and in the sight of God. So fortune teller says you’re going to live in both degmese, and you’re going to test him for someone else from waiting unseen.

This verse also confirms the following,

O ye who believe! Drinking, gambling, stone altars and idols and fortune arrows are abominations devised by Satan. How many of them you may prosper.

and this

They downloaded them previously (verse) s as they do not have faith (hereinafter, they won’t believe). We, their hearts and their eyes (inverted) turned themselves, their transgression, orgies in punk and even though they are surprised that we have left.

pray that they found themselves with a FAL or similar business when they find out they have been going always in the same place so that you can take a look.

that’s all for now friends. Not to debate, I’m open to sharing opinions. If you take your prejudice and read if you are coming, you don’t have to Join, for the sake of Allah, except all the words I wrote above is not, therefore, my ideas, my awareness is written.

🙂 Sweet Dreams 🙂


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