Do You Know How Much You Love Her?

remember, everything starts with Platonic. This is the most beautiful and purest form. Bumping to ask him if he likes me do you men 😀 that’s why I made bencei hope you like it 😀
1) The constant stares, turns his head back looks or for a long time. Usually eye focuses on your babies. 🙂

2-) Continuous follow usually tries to do the secret. 😀

3-) depending on when you see something wrong or does he act speaks of shame spoils the goods, goods can have talking or can’t talk 😀

4-) to try to piss you off when you get your back or behind you can be said. Talk to yourself 😀

5-) without noticing makes Weird hand movements

6-) When you look at won’t look at you like that will filter. But already you will feel looking at you 😀 it all looks so Shy though. 😀

7-) is known for their jealousy. Who is that who says that even if emergence.

😎 smiles to say Yes No prefer to use body language instead of against you usually. Sometimes bad results may occur.

9-) a day, even if you make 1 mistake, you want to slap that keeps suddenly turning out you can eat you can eat he even.
10-) open your eyes, your eyes your eyes are big and straight, focusing on trying to show speaks.

11-) tries to look like a fun person 😀

12-) love, but would never ask, but tell me if you have the patience. DO NOT ASK GIRLS OUT, GUYS.

13-) your music , knows your style.

This is for entertainment purposes only GIFs my friends 😀

our men no, consider my words a joke:
you love girls, don’t expect me to tell you that %5ten less. He’s trying to show emotion if you like you girl you take the first step.

you’ll be sorry for what you’ve done in this life not for nothing.

I think if you love a glass of water and go for it go now 😀


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