Do you know what the SAR value is :P?

Hi all 🙂

you know, technology has improved a lot. As smartphones proliferate increased.

So what to consider when buying a smart phone :/ ? This likewise I will talk about the SAR value for you.

most of us he doesn’t know. The SAR value of the phone has not even attention when buying.

let’s give an answer to the first question

what could have SAR value for this 😀 ?

the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) Specific Absorption Rate of si in Turkish. In other words, the electromagnetic field is absorbed by our bodies when exposed to( absorbed ) is a measure of the energy. In other words, the amount of radiation emitted by the body of the phone :/

so we have to pay attention to when buying the SAR value phone. Fortunately, this on phones by companies that are increasingly paying more attention to the SAR value. The old rugged phones like Nokia 3310 😀 – SAR value is very high.

The SAR value has not been imposed a certain limit. But explained to us in class 1 W/kg, it is more acceptable to be under :))

The SAR value of a smart phone which is popular nowadays to have a look)

1-Nokia Lumia 630

The SAR value of the Nokia Lumia is very high :/ you’ve got to watch some of the ones si more Lumia. You are pretty exposed to radiation.

SAR value…1,51 W/kg

2 – Nokia Lumia 930

this SAR value 630 is relatively more appropriate 😀 already 1 W/kg below normal we said 🙂

… SAR value 0.80 W/kg

3 – The Apple iPhone 6

iPhone case Iphone your iPhone a look that you RUB a look in)

… SAR value 0.93 W/kg

4-Iphone 6 plus

so that was slightly Plus have been reduced. It’s not a S5 but still 😀

0.91 percentage… SAR value W/kg

5 – iPhone 5s

SAR value lower than the old model 😀

…SAR value 0.80 W/kg

And we’ll give you a list in your hand 😀 here’s the rest of the SAR values of the phones 🙂

Samsung Galaxy S4 0,42 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini-0,33 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy s5 0.56 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy s5 mini 0,97 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to 0.37 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy Note edge 0,24 W/ kg

Sony Xperia z3 0,62 W/kg

Sony Xperia z3 compact 0,69 W/kg

the Sony Xperia z2 of 0.38 W/kg

Sony Xperia z1 as 0, 77 W/kg

Sony Xperia z1 compact is 0.74 W/ kg

general mobile discovery is 0.83 W/kg

general mobile discovery elite is 0.83 W/kg

general mobile discovery mini ll of 0.38 W/kg

friends me so much 😛

Stable, have a healthy day 😀


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