Don’t be friend with love.

this really likewise the person you love see you as a friend I want to discuss the challenges begin.

1.Though far from shabby with her all the time.

Desperation is not only arkadassi begins precisely at this point she doesn’t like you, but you’re afraid you’re madly in love with you from sinking when it is opened or unopened, has ever happened to you, would you say that you’re afraid to lose forever.

2.You won’t mind when I know your heart would serve Him.

everything around you that you’ll be adjust the fan to your heart Always ignores it.Your heart came to him the situation as you can’t imagine.It can also be locked if the heart between the brain is a big predicament.

3.You love her heart lies with someone else.

at that moment, the sky is falling-you were in love with him alone while the person you love tells of a long time goes to the face, and the last dude shot the fuck makes a gold with the words I love how I love how I get to do what I do. you can’t find the language that is kept sakiyama, in that moment, such a pain in the heart you can’t carry many with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read I hope you like it.


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