Dr. Ibrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu you are curious about everything in this book! PROF. SARACOGLU HEALING BOOK

Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Saracoglu in Turkey, the first name that comes to mind is mentioned herbal health. Television channels in order to receive her guest, her books are competing with each other in order to give the papers fascicle fascicle. The name Saracoglu ‘rating boosts circulation, relieves. Herbal health is now on everyone’s agenda because, especially in navigating the maze of modern medicine, who can not find the remedy you spend lots of money Today, almost everyone is accepting the fact that Orthodox medical plant except the people. Someone with cancer, for example, in addition to conventional treatments such as chemotherapy which plants are was wondering if you could get support from. Vitamins by the handful, cholesterol pills, blood pressure pills instead of cheaper and start looking for an herbal treatment with no side effects, let’s say it with some humor ‘awakening’ at least not the rate.

Yes, medical plants, herbal cures there is a huge demand. Saracoglu also one of those who… the most effective response to this request from the stance, with the ability to express it with words, with clarity, with conviction, with the title of Professor of Chemistry, a science with thousands of people rely on his knowledge, by him using the suggested cures. ‘I found healing, so thank God the number of those who should not be underestimated. On the one hand, his critics also, that is not a medical doctor, herbal there are those who say you couldn’t write the prescription. ‘Health when discussing what brought the word to people who have the Qur’an and even criticizing charge you for even if they have hybrid seeds.

The Book of Healing Prof. Saracoglu at this point, meaningful, and functional. In this book, is described for the first time a brand new setup, as well as advice about healthy living how to, seeds, soil, you will find their predictions about the future of Turkey and the world. An herbal setup until setup into phases, the science behind it, and you will be amazed with the research experience.

short pants from Adnan Ibrahim, the beloved of millions of other interesting events you will witness in the route from the manufacturer to prof.. Grateful patients wrote her letters ID, you will be moved by it. The world’s largest research and development laboratories bruised elbow, a scientist with more than 100 patents of your own ‘healing’, you will read the story of your life.

here everything you are curious about him and Prof. Saracoglu.

The sections of the book

• Why Saracoglu book ?
• The first question: Why is the orange orange, lemon, yellow why ?
• be a man and a child’s curiosity,
• physics and Chemistry of life
• Detergent anti-traitor!
• planes, agents, patents!
• preparation of herbal cures
• Initial Setup: Broccoli
• Anatolia the privilege of
• the seed: it is one of biological weapons
• the worst of the worst: GMO
• nutritional supplements
• infertility and population explosion!
• the scientist is one who is seeking the blessings of the wisdom of
• Programmed scientists
• attack Otaci conscious culture
• the dilemma of modern medicine
• sort out what?
• who wants to destroy culture?
• Anatolia natural seeds will save us!
• last question!
• Appendix 1: seed imported hybrid seeds is a big difference between traditional Natural!
• Appendix 2: setup 3 new published for the first time
• Appendix 3: patient letters

Dr. Ibrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu, who is?

was born in Mersin on 11 April 1949. Advanced Elementary Mersin, Istanbul and Mersin, Akdeniz College studied at the Austrian high school. In 1973 he graduated from Ankara State Engineering and architecture Academy Department of Chemistry.
Physical Chemistry of the Technical University of Graz, Austria earned a master’s degree and doctorate in the Department. Research Assistant at the Technical University of Graz, Department of biotechnology and Microbiology, University of Michigan, of Austria, Karl Franzes University, Akdeniz University and a lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna, he worked as a researcher and Administrator at AVL Research Center. Received over 100 patents with the invention. A scientific paper on the research issues that have been wrote.

In 1999, the rate broccoli for the first time on television explained. Settled in Turkey in 2001 working in the field of physiotherapy began. The miracle of plant health, Herbal health Guide, A Guide to medicinal plants, herbal medicinal plants and herbal cures health guide guide and wrote the books.

Istanbul aydın University food Engineering Department of food Chemistry, plant Chemistry, plant Chemistry, and advanced teaches.

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