During the exam, and what to do before

The second I wanted to do about the exam I hope it is helpful.

First, let’s start with prayer !

exam to enter duasiz not friends, we do what we can and I hope will be about the best we’ll leave the rest to Allah.

basic issues !

the most basic questions and their simple formulas work very well if the foundation is bad you need to know as much as you want to go work in Basic or Basic or you’ll be sorry when I saw the result of the exam.

where should I start !

you can start from the first lesson and raise your spirits if you spend a time when you did not give that error and go straight dear. Hop hop hop, jump if zero zero is zero morale morale deteriorates to difficult questions easy questions difficult, easy to do and get on it.

like the question !

The question before reading the question without reading it sounds like the best thing ever mom how hard I call it a night in the month of July you’ll be stuck with a shovel in his mouth.Don’t forget that the simplest questions are always long. We’ve been doing it long and hard, we see the questions we’re looking at necessarily.

notice the time !

dive in and don’t let him steal a minute of questions from you any questions and look at your question if you can’t give no more than 2 minutes for every question you get.

Turlama Technique !

this County the question is the most important one type 1 minutes then go back and try it a question, so don’t bother.

focus !

the questions at the end of kidnapping their places while never solving the question of negative and positive and solve the questions that have your head in the clouds booklet by folding of the eye to other questions 2 questions each shift, and after a drink of water if you’re sozelci solve the question by turning to the right to the left if you’re sayisalci it works. I don’t know about EA now.


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