Easy life were a holiday to be done

The woman in the violence ever since I can remember I’m extremely happy period the most important water course. ‘This violence was always there. This increasing, not decreasing. That is increasing our level of sensitivity to the contributions of water also and in particular social media, I think.
however, I think I like your eyes XX chromosomes, women with the most work in this order, we fall again. Before talking about myself I would like to start my words. I was raised in an extremely conservative family. Imposing our house but luckily it was a father and a wise mother. What are some personality mortar mixed with them the morals of the ethical values that I learned. They tell me (of course the medical ethics teacher, however, my dad is the author of the book how a code that’s capable of putting uysallastirili with the contribution of the Mother) have learned that a black girl not to have children is a very bad thing. I guess I lost my dad about 8 months ago a sweet excuse for us to talk about the reason of him everywhere.
I can pass the word. This line up if you’re here, please continue. 🙂
We are born. Growing up, I kizlarcig teach us what? Ma’am. To be so naive. Become brittle. We actually we are born like this. They taught us. Ha, we are, of course, we’re different. Thanks to that beautiful second X chromosome, more emotional, more compassionate and more caring. They have both a mother than why should we wait from the moment we are born 🙂 But contrary to everything we’ve been taught that we are not powerless because you don’t have an extra organ between the legs. Ha yeah no. Ha Yeah we are less able to Nov. But on the other hand is dominated if it is based on the power of an age that we are in Nov. So none of this is any advantage. Who knows how fragile us old teachings to be naive to be commencing to be processed. But I do know that there is one thing we love teaching. Sounds easy, right? It’s easy being fragile. It’s so easy I need to be protected. The guy in front of us look nice to me, protect me, darling I’ll break need to be protected I mean it’s easy. Tactical is good despite them. We believe in a kizlarci. BECAUSE IT’S EASY.

what men taught. The subtleties of being reckless. 😀 grow up believing that they are. They believe to be strong and bullet proof. I wish, neither they nor we buyusek with these adjectives. All because a separate difficulty for a human being. All separate load. They say you’re strong, tears you’d think my enemy was. They say you’re every moment you call to protect fragile arms. I’m saying this as a gear wheel from the fragile, no longer the girls on the streets at night I want to see. Now I want to sing does not speed up my steps when you walk on a secluded street. If it’s a boy by my side, not in the places I go the way of fellow their hands tightly around their boyfriends if they have a smile on my face at your feet I’ll place if it is able to feel safe by providing a nonstick. Sürç-I language if I bothered you. Respects.


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