Established on the first date, dreams and disappointments

good evening Girls novice users are asking the relationship,

this evening, watching romantic movies, in line with a warning if the events I’m writing about yourself get carried away, I think. Forget all those beautiful scenes and watching movies. Leaving you with the facts you have. We start. :):

to meet the outgoing in high heels wearing heels is the first step that you must take care of our daughters is that they are used to. Came to the meeting place, and saw him. Sexy steps towards him you are moving and what is that? Sendeledin. Here’s is a disgrace. I am not right? Did you walk with those shoes on in the house for hours and you were wonderful. But it didn’t work the way you expect when you go out of the way.

each other is definitely thoroughly cozy, don’t eat pasta together while advancing sincerity. Getting excited and want to get out of spaghetti through your nose if you don’t listen to me. Me experience has been and has been proven.

of course, you need to feel at ease with him. But don’t think yourself because I’ll be alone in the streets of America. Turkey and the Turkish people with the strange look of this famous. You your partner what in the fuck? you should not take a glance.

they spend millions of dollars to shoot those crucial scenes. Impressive shapes that you think you can make in a snap? I don’t think so.

The looks that you see in movies full of romance do you think you can or you will live to do? I think you’re wrong. I’m sure that will go far beyond looking like a puppy, her eyes unopened Starlings look.

The data hands. It’s like that beach scene.But you’re blind your eyes to the excitement of the first day. You must make sure to look in front of you.

next to him is very charismatic and you’ll be while you will move carefully, or you’d try to I’m sure. :):

recently the topic Hani from alcohol when it opened a couple of times before you said You were drinking? I want to remind you that you made a mistake.

that crucial romantic farewell scene in a movie? The meeting was catch up with him.

it’s not.I’ll try to gather my thoughts and write a sequel.

Thank you for reading. May your evening be a pleasant one. :):


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