Every Man For Himself Not To Exceed

a lot of words from Proverbs we know that they have misunderstood among the public. One of them of the sins of everyone, it concerns each said leg means of the error itself that can be solved only in its own village the old adage. This proverb today, unfortunately, into a denial of social and individual responsibility has become misunderstood or incorrectly it is the job of society to understand.

this will become clearer if we take the proverb in two senses.

mana Positive, everyone in the world will only cover the cost of his sins and errors. Everybody’s sake it’s writing itself, and nobody is evil to others is not written. It’s everyone’s own religious faith, and in the same way. People are not held responsible for the unbelief of others, as father, mother or fathers of the faith, or being in denial, we just help ourselves or it wouldn’t hurt. So, every soul is responsible for itself, everyone’s self-image in the sense of the point of this proverb.

Negative mana, which is given by the people the sense of selfishness, indifference, only think about yourself, others of hunger or poverty, helpless to even care what happened in the situation.If it can be supportive of unity and prosperity will be provided social order, social equilibrium will consist of.

dertlenmem care of other people, of society, unconscious and disrespectful behavior not only includes the means to move in the air, every man for himself.

an important factor that should not be forgotten is that it creates a stench hanging around sheep by the leg. Sheep in the animal example given here, of course, individual errors and of course kasdedili society and in social relations.

but, again, based on these examples, we can say with a sheep slung the leg remains unclaimed, les and disturbs the whole community by spreading the stink around. Then by hanging the leg people with social responsibility projects rather than find a solution for their problems and leave unattended, the errors will warn when we see evil, if you want to do, that would do it from the evil can be prevented.


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