Fashion Patterned Pants

Yesil used in the winter season, khaki, black, brown, dark shades such as navy blue patterns, you can’t tell much. Closes dark colors and patterns. For this reason, patterns are usually used in summer clothes.

we are about to enter the summer season we slowly, and patterned pants were already starting to take place in their stores.Above you can see the flower-patterned pants type of indispensable pants. Color, pattern, patterns made, these pants are quite a lot of options that will appeal to every taste and kind.If you use compatible colors that is used in other parts of floral designs you create quite an image. The darker color of the pants inside the shoe as you see above he’s wearing a sweater from the orange chosen. In total, the image was also compatible.That has only dark colors in a pattern. Pastel shades, coral colors, powder pink, light blue, light grey. Like I said a lot of options.

you can get from water products:

Mudo Floral Denim Pants

Mango Floral Pants

miss poem Pants

Many-Flowered Pants

this bird patterns made with bell-bottoms pants looks great too. Compatible with bodysuit and a tank showing especially short girls taller, these are awesome pants I think every girl should.

Patterned pants ladies liked it so much we see frequently, even on famous megastar. His combination with Rihanna’s denim shirt which I liked very much.Another photograph we see the celebrities are wearing all the lovely pants.If you like floral patterns like this plaid, plaid pants, I prefer which you can appear more masculine too. As above, it looks red on blue lines on the main theme.

plaid pants Dilvin

Leopard pattern, indispensable for some people.That are very difficult to use, you can vary that can make you look as sexy as these pants quite often, and if you have the courage to trust your taste should be preferred.

Milla Leopard pants

Leopard pants Beymen

Defacto Leopard pants

a lot of camouflage patterns in fashion this year. Reflecting the military style with camouflage, which is one of the most important parts of a pattern can look very stylish and very masculine.

The Camouflage-patterned trousers suggestions:

Camouflage Patterned Pants Mudo

Dilvin camouflage pants

finally, I want to talk about ethnic patterned pants. Was quite nice with a dark color to light in color to ethnic patterns to appear fantastic that you can catch the chance.

Ethnic Cotton Pants

Ethnic Cotton Pants 2

3 Cotton Ethnic Pants

Ethnic Pants Zara

finally, on the other, there’s:

Morhipo striped pants

Mudo Geometric Patterned Pants

Mango striped pants

Trousers Mango Mosaic

Modagram striped pants


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