Feast of Ramazan becomes profilo

8 different cooking programmes, fan, grill, pizza oven, feast during Ramadan Iftar and sahur meals with your new programme Profilo FRS4011WML turn. In practical use, easy cleanability and energy-saving eco-friendly technology with a new oven is for you!

Ramadan is approaching. Durable home appliances Profilo, if you are together with your loved ones, delicious food that will make your job easier when preparing meals in Ramadan you got rigged with a brand-new bakery has added to its product line. Multifunctional oven 8 cooking programs new FRS profilo WML coded 4011, program, pizza, fan grill, optional small and large surfaces, the materials that have been removed from the grill and deep freezer a defrost function that allows to solve in a very short time in the kitchen with helping create miracles.

January FRS4011 Profilo Steel grille new oven * top/bottom Heating, bottom heating and hot air (turbo) functions, as well as 2 regular, 1 economic and 1 wok cooking with a gas 4 eye including make fun. 62 spacious interior, lt turbo providing heating and cooking pies like pizza dough offers the possibility of any kind of the job very easy and quite tasty. The gas in the oven Profilo new safety system, a prominent feature of the house in terms of safety. In the case of fire fighting system, gas flow automatically stops, goes to the front of unfortunate accidents and unpleasant surprises.

catalytic the rear wall of the oven and the glass cover of the oven when you are completing the interior of the oven the frequency, ease of use and easy to clean feature also provides hygiene. Catalytic the rear wall of the oven feature, it sticks on the enamel surface oil and dirt particles, the temperature inside the oven during cooking due to burning, and thus the rear surface of the oven is self-cleaning. Oven interior lighting, automatic ignition and convenient drawer storage tray of the oven, allowing the use FRS 4011 new WML features. Profilo oven a energy class feature FRS 4011 new with WML, rapid heating function and a decline in energy-efficient because it uses your electricity bill.

about Durable home appliances Profilo
operating since 1976 as a manufacturer of home appliances, Durable home appliances Profilo, Turkey’s most established among the brands of white goods. In 1995, BSH home appliances industry and trade Inc. Inc. he joined the group, the Group’s international experience added to the national power. The most extensive distribution network in the country with more than 1200 outlets around the world, which has Durable home appliances Profilo white goods brand, which is one of the product groups of white goods, built-in small appliances, vacuum cleaners, water heater / water heater and air conditioning units. Profilo BSH home appliances section the outside of the product portfolio of imported products industry and trade Inc. Inc.’s plant at Cerkezkoy are being produced. A hallmark of the brand Profilo, durability and functionality arrange a meeting with the Turkish people as the simple use of the technology to provide. Durable home appliances Profilo white goods takes the power of innovation use of the habits of the Turkish people. Profilo, as much as it is aesthetic and original stands out with useful and products that provide convenience to users.

strong and durable BSH profilo home appliances Group since 1995, International well-established local white goods brand.

www. profilo.com.tr


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