Feelings so real?

the Emotions, the emotions that everyone believes or wants to believe blindly what does this mean, what are the things we believe in?

something every human, especially the people of Faith you need to believe believe that that in itself should get a life shouldn’t feel void should be able to fight.

we all believe in something before we believe in ourselves, but sometimes

because of what we call it because we’re falling apart feeling.

The first people wanted to believe in them because they took the emotions and their hearts to beat faster with love, excitement, fear, they said.

if you would love to love fear fear love and if you were the first person said. The first people could believe they actually needed, but maybe the feelings I have the feelings that things that are natural, things that are natural really imagine today’s money. If you have the money you are loved and respected. Money people did something artificial artificial a thing, is it possible to get a natural thing ?

and she wants the other side to this thing we call the happiness of the people they destroy themselves for they’re faking it, smiling, smiling does not come through and nobody say you don’t understand them, they’re wearing masks, but I’m not wearing a mask.

there’s more than a face and other people that restrict themselves to, to make it look good to other people inside they’re depressed and they’re fun for throwing into them doesn’t do not. In short, confines himself to people.

don’t concern yourself with your own hands and leave when you’re better, you’re act. A lot of work to do in the world in them the dust of your trip, but do not place yourself behind the walls. Thanks.


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