Feminine warm colors of autumn and winter kryolan meet!

warm the cold days of winter to meet with makeup have you tried? Feminine with a glamorous look and a soft smile kryola you can have professional makeup products, with the radiance of your skin, all eyes are on you you can collect.

cinema, TV, Theatre, and stars of the music world with a professional makeup artist uses it or not kryola enjoyed by everyone’ s products and colors created by a specially-developed new season in the fall and winter months feminine sparkle this year with all the cold winter will wipe the face.

this year’s autumn – winter makeup your sub-base High Definition micro Foundation sheer tan kryola use as opacity created by a warm and natural appearance as well as vibrant and that reflects on your skin gives a healthy glow. Kryola the new colors of the brand ‘Amethyst ‘and’ lilac Marble eyeshadow color that contain two special nuances. That has created a large and vibrant autumn look in the eyes throw it away with the sadness of your eyes a different post-modern adds charm.

your muscles kryola eyebrow pencil in the color’ s created by the effect of enhanced in a very natural way, the upper eyelashes with eyelash much longer and more impressive kryola created the attractiveness of your eyes for free.

kryola high gloss ‘shine and shimmer your lips lipstick rose crystal composition by mixing with both maximum fullness created by the reflected light with winter’s end he fights.

kryola the autumn – winter feminine and seductive makeup effects gathering all of your eyes attention and your eyes. Kryola winter this year with a different experience.


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