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this CEM in I knew you, and as I recall, Fenerbahçe’s most fos I will transfer. Your feedback is important to me, maybe there are more transfers to the fos, but fos those who are coming in with high expectations and doing nothing, I say, and we’ll analyze them together .

previously I was in the front most about Galatasaray and Besiktas transfers FOS CEM links at the bottom if you want I’ll share it with you guys could take a look at them .

1 – Beschastnykh :

great hopes, who scored 21 goals in 42 matches with Spartak Moscow came from there because a very good striker with an average of almost 1 goal in 2 matches he was playing, but unfortunately came to Fenerbahce and he scored 1 goal in 12 games during the season and constantly flabbier 1 has been sent.

2 – Burak Yilmaz :

Yes, you heard wrong Burak Yilmaz :)) 4 large form wearing Burak, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas Trabzon and is a successful player and not only the desired performance of sergili didn’t, and even only 6 goals scored and 0 official Fenerbahce match .

3 – Daniel Guiza :

you don’t know this man . 🙂 But unfortunately transfer everyone recognizes recognizes it as bad and incompetent fos from 7 to 70 E . In fact what there shone a star at the World Cup with Spain after coming to Fenerbahce, was not expected . Miss lake is famous with a reputation of bacon, makes Frequent mention of the name Daniel guiza is received even today live with the waits .

4 – Ivaylo Petkov :

Bulgarian footballer player at istanbulspor for 4 Adults this was a great performance and almost fought . Beg left, although as a striker, score and snap . What a great team for him it did not work and suffered a serious drop, yellow, and blue form with only 16 games, and the apple of the eye of the backup.

5 – Josico :

I think this guy’s name is so short and not the actual name itself, he doesn’t even know it ( Jose Joaquin Moreno Verdu ) . 🙂 He was playing on a team like Villarreal and Dynamo midfield, but it was the day it was signed from Fenerbahce played in 14 games and no goals scored and only grappled with disabilities .

6 – Murat Hacioglu :

this man because I know very well from her mother’s side in between Diyarbakir and diyarbakır Spor this guy was very, very good line out of the corner of rushdie and even the great goals he scored those goals thanks to had been transferred to Fenerbahce . Fenerbahce are requested but he couldn’t .

In 2004, he was transferred to Fenerbahce and scored 1 goal in 12 Games was not expected performance, but the problem is I’m indecisive because I sent Fenerbahce Fenerbahce’t offered as a rental to the guy in there played in 34 league matches 33 percent of konyaspor, scored 7 goals and almost all of the lakes had the signature discarded . a

7 – Robert enke :

it’s not always going to be nothing striker the midfield, sometimes the goalie can be in FOS . Entire rental Barcelona came from . I remember very well even my brother is dark Fenerbahçe Galatasaray fanatic in me when I was transferred I this guy “Look, we took the wall the wall,” he said . :)) but the big guy only played 1 official game for a season . 🙂 God I have not eaten in that game :))

8 – Vicente Simao :

I consider myself a football player, and never in an official match before you send it back . Exactly what a footballer this guy was . Yellow navy blue Jersey from preseason practice in 2001 and another in 2002, close came and went . 🙂

9 – Dennis Bright :

today, the domestic players, one of my most favorite in-between . He was wearing Fenerbahce Jersey once even declaring war would be almost like 4 player team.

Mehmet topuz, Ilhan was like the bright transfer, but he finally scored and Fenerbahce remained doomed to sit on the bench . only 10 games played and no goals scored in the game, I’d be 70 80 continuous minutes .

10 – Maldonado :

actually, that wasn’t a FOS, but when you have great expectations and their mid-level so, when you’re name is funny bidet unfortunately, when numbness became . I’m a fan of the name :))

Santos Maldonado, who plays defensive midfield position in every match and playing full Mac game out of first 11 of 34 eye filled, but disability added to the top of the bidet to the beauty of Istanbul nightlife, so-so it wasn’t much of a difference between the absence and the presence of the 17 games played with .

even a few waggle Fenerbahçe Fenerbahçe is missing the game friend 10 people 1 person they’d eat so it’s not a tii . 🙂

to me, they are fos most of Fenerbahce transfers, but let’s not forget, most of them from 2008 previous players, ex-claws before I did my other transfers already old then I’ll write new ones .

Thank you for your time .

I wrote for the claws Galatasaray and Besiktas links :




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