Fitr The Night Of The Ascension


the 27th of Rajab. night…

who has been sent as a mercy to the worlds, our beloved prophet in Mecca, a night out, relish the infinite power of the Almighty creator of the work prior to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, and from there the journey to wisdom built the schema installed…

The meeting took place upon the invitation of the Almighty creator of the universe, miraculous…

from the direction of the sound of Süleyman çelebi, sincere Zul-Jalal, showed main Bikemukeyf Gamal-shaped expression of the nature and quantity of how much we don’t know who our beloved prophet met with Allah Almighty in a way that those who run the Circus of the gospel that can be forgiven, and the last two verses of Surah Bakara with the gift of the five daily prayers the night when returned from the lofty realms…

The rise in the purification of the Ascension and God. The journey of human virtue, do you think what do you think of the story of Ascension from beserilik. Just Masjid Al-Haram, Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the level of the asset, the truth is the sky in the layers of humanity, not the god of the way to reach the stops occurred at a blessed journey it is.

the Ascension kandil how should we spend it well?

the sheriff’s rexhepi 27. night is the night of the Ascension. 12 rakats prayers after Isha prayer. In every RAK’ah] after 10 Ikhlas-I-Sharif read.

Prayer intention:

O Lord, riza-I-Sharif eyledim the intent of prayer. Tonight, the seven heavens, and whom all the secrets by showing the conversation with Musharraf dear Habib, rasūl-I his humble servant with the grace afvi Sauvage Lord hymns, the hymns and hymn mazhar feyzi precisely.

after the prayer :

4 Sheriff Fatiha

Akbar and La ilaha illallah 100 times Subhanallahi velhamdu vallahu. Vela havle vela necessarily force billahi’l-aliyyi’l-aziym.

ask 100 times, Sheriff

the sheriff read 100 Salavat prayer is done.

The next day is a day of fasting from the night of the Ascension. That day, between lunch and afternoon prayer 4 rakats. In every RAK’ah] ayetel kursi after 5, 5., 5 Ikhlas-I Sharif, fela 5, 5 Nas read.

the ascent of prayers to heaven for us, which we have also. To how it comes from our prayer, and by giving of ourselves that we will make in advance, and we find a great comfort both mentally and physically.

another point I want to mention about this ettehiyyatu Secret.

the Prayers Attahiyyâtu is the verse in the Qur’an. On the night of Ascension, Allah, the Exalted, the Prophet (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam) and Gabriel (PBUH)’s consist of sentences that arise with participation.
our prophet (sall-allāhu ‘alaihi WA sallam) in the miraj, Allah the Almighty when we get into the presence of God Almighty with the intention to pay respect to arzetmek
– “Attahiyyâtu vessalavatu vettayyibatu to return to him,” he said,
Allah, the Exalted, met him and saluting
-“es-selâmu saying eyyuhen nebiyyu berekatuhu and the sky,” he said,
Again the Prophet (sall-allāhu’ alaihi WA sallam) talking to
– “Assalamu alayna and Ala ibadillahissalih”
response to and with the Almighty’s blessings was found in the sentence Allah and our prophet (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam)’s a good conversation, who witnessed the angel Gabriel (PBUH) for this view
“a month enla ilaha ill-Allah, ashhadu muhammadan rasuluh prophet and the” Attahiyyâtu and thus accompanied prayer has emerged.

so here be understood Attahiyyâtu prayer God, our prophet (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam)’ s and Gabriel (PBUH)’s common word. In other words, the prayers attahiyyâtu that God consists of the greatest and greatest of the prophets the words of the angel.

prayer continual prayer we call prayer. The prayer room e don’t! What do we do? who will say I thought. I would like to dedicate this video to them.

the candle is blessed. Everyone wishes to enliven the night.

Assalamu Alaikum. 🙂



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