For The Price Of A Phone Can Be Done.

I’m looking especially as one of the Friends living abroad in Turkey, the price of the phone is quite high.Honestly it amazes me that average 2000-3000 £ prices are pretty high numbers from those you have.Well, we’ve we’ve got, let’s say, what is the result you most after more than a year a new one comes out and the hand automatically depreciates.It’s something like kill the money.

say, the iPhone 6 market value around 2500(I got in general).Well at this price what can you do in Turkey.

1-We could go on vacation

for the same money a family of 4 can stay in 3-4 star hotels in Aegean and Mediterranean coastal 10 days.It’s not expensive and can easily by no longer looking to the past.

2-Get your outfit

get women and men on this subject, we’ll make sure you get.Clothes make the man, how much money we can buy clothes and a phone.


from $ 100 pants 25

around like 100-120 TL shirt 20 pieces

shoes are $ 200 shoes say 12.5 🙂

these General figures are friends.

3-other technological Items

for example, can be used for about 15-20 years in the fridge we bought at that price.

consider an LED Tv or 129-screen TV, a Tv that can be easily taken can be used for long years.

it is used or how long a washing machine, isn’t it? Mobile phone up to 5 years.


you can sign up for a language course.On average, 2.5 thousand give it a try, you will learn the language. 🙂 Kidding aside, you can learn the language through 2 classes.

5-‘unnecessary Things’ if you say so.

you know 🙂

think about the good you are spending on what you need to us how every whim we will stop these dead is not an investment.You will receive the new one will be released.You will want to constantly get a new one.But you can spend your money better in different places.

make a Conscious, know the value of your money.

you say , ‘I’ll take my money too’ I don’t know what to say.


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