For what do we live?

I agree when he wrote at the same time, on behalf of myself and why I want to give a little information to help me understand what or why you think that.

The secret of success in life our brother Alfred was planning to do something for society. It seems reasonable for a first hearing. Ultimately, success in a world that is determined by the Society of right and truth, of course, identify the community. How will you assess the success of a society but this society?

this question came to mind personally when sadness takes up. Martyrs, fathers, forefathers represents those who show respect for my assessment of success in a society that seems quite ironic. Forgetting the self and almost everyone living in a society that a lot of the same dream. Moreover, a society with a bat in hand. The devil stones such as foaming a society to think like him. This am I living for? It’s not for me.

getting along with people I’ve truly always been troubled. What a long-term relationship I’ve had, nor my friend a broad environment. Maybe that’s always the society that I held a grudge. Most of the time made me crazy. Undoubtedly, he couldn’t be wrong with society.(!) I can state that I was beginning to take pride in and accepting it.(It’s like I had no choice.) Well, now I ask you, does this community deserve my success?

Yes, let’s return to the subject. If you are like me if you do something for the community. It’s real crazy. What I would like to live? For myself? Let’s play a game let.

Everyone yumsun their eyes. I want to dream accompanied by Vivaldi.

what do you really want to do? What is your goal in this life?This kind of joy in music-filled dreams it shouldn’t be too hard to build.

now you dream can you tell me what you are doing for your community? Just you and your world. Everyone your imagination is at your disposal. Install it if you install what everyone around you is actually happy that you’re happy. What it’s selfish, but it isn’t? In fact, everyone! I! I! he exclaims. They are selfish and this is a great community and this community is waiting for your success. Let’s get out of there!

so far, and I’ve proven to myself that people like me would do something for the community.

according to him all these people to achieve success would work? She talked about selfishness, and that society than a person who can do the sampling of a hypocrite. Moreover, individualistic people cannot be satisfied with no success, as the slightest difficulty will be very simple getting everything from producing excuses. Every man has I been a time like this.

we won’t live for ourselves, we’re not living for the community? Well, we will live for what it really is? I’m definitely going to give me that answer, and definitely for my ancestors. Always with pride, we owe it to the people we are telling. As a person who has belief in the Hereafter to give an account of them to ask me the most, I’m afraid. They could not afford to return with the oppressed people of suffering. Moreover, for a society they’ve seen. For us!

if you ask me this is why living a truly remarkable life for EIA exhibits.

do you think?


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