Forgotten Sunnah Series: Hi

As-Salaam alaikum : )

1. Hi, a Muslim a Muslim is a duty to

The Messenger of Allah (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam) said:

“a Muslim is a Muslim right five: a Salute to visiting patients, to respond to the invitation to participate in the funeral, aksirana “yerhamukellah” means.”

[Bukhari, Genghis 2]

2. Is one of the most the good deeds and know to say hello, say hello, should be given to

Abdullah Ibn AMR ibn al-As narrated by rasulullah sallallahu alayhi radiyallahu anhuma produced from a person:

– Muslims which deed is the best? he asked. Hz. The Prophet also said:

– “the familiar unfamiliar is to feed them dinner and say Hey,” he said.

[Bukhari, Iman, 6, 20]

3. The same way you greet someone or better should be taken with

in the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

“when you are saluted with a salute with a greeting better than you, or just return a salute given.”

[an-Nisa (4), 86]

*as is well known, most of short greetings “es-selam] alaikum” is the word. Granted but hey, no one takes a word by increasing the salute, “and aleykumu-Hi and rahmetu’l-lah,” this salute is called to better. For the Islamic Ummah in the habit of giving the salute in this fashion.

[Riyazus Saliheen Commentary, I bow early.]

4. Hi, the shape of import and export

The Prophet (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam) said:

“Allah (SWT) proves inconvenient when Adam sallallahu alayhi produced him:

– go to the water and say hello to the angels, who was sitting in nicely how to respond to your greetings because they are going to listen, he will greet you and your children, he said. Adam (as)-hello to the angels:

– es-alaikum Selam], he said. Angels:

– es-Selam] day, saying they replied. His salute, “and rahmetu’l-lah,”they added.”

[Bukhari, Anbiya 1]

5. The reward increases the sheer number of words in regards

a man came to Nabi sallallahu alayhi produced and said:

– es-alaikum Selam], he said. Hz.After giving the man sat the prophet to salute him the same in return. Nabi (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam:

– “The Ten good deeds won,” he said. Then another man came in, he said:

– es-alaikum Selam] day, he said. The Prophet gave him the same response is found in a salute. Instead of that one sat. Hz.The Prophet:

– “won the reward of twenty,” he said. Then another man came and said:

– es-alaikum berekatuhu Selam] and the sky, he said. Hz.With regards to that person and the Prophet replied the same. Instead of that one sat. Sire:

– “Thirty good deeds have won”.

[Abu dawud, adab 132]

6. Who should you salute?

The Messenger of Allah (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam) said:

“Binitli walkers, walking snaps, he salutes the very one who is outnumbered.”

[Bukhari, isti’zan 5,6]

in a hadith of Bukhari: “Little Big salute” to include the addition of.

[Bukhari, isti’zan 7]

7. Before giving the salute the virtue of

The Messenger of Allah (sall-allāhu ‘ alaihi WA sallam) said:

“most of the people acceptable in the sight of God is the one who gives blessings, and the one closest to him first.”

[Abu dawud, adab 133]

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