Forgotten Tastes :)


produces a pie that I’ve eaten a lot of meat than it used to be would have been the day I went to the store just for that, but I loved the chocolate πŸ™‚


sweet orange meat orange flavored, chocolate pretzel bun was a Cracker pack in a thing produced, it was his feet I’d order the animals ear hand πŸ™‚

Almond Crackers

but it was different it was the same flavor Fish crackers and I always fish with black bread more than crackers, I would have bought this oven looks necessarily like almonds πŸ™‚


my father always used to bring them on your way home from work, open up open up to us and was 5 cents and we’ll get them πŸ™‚


We kornetto with Magnum that we’ve grown, our mother, he’d give him an allowance of 10 pounds in 1 popsicle kurusuyla join with our friends and we used to get, it was very nice of cherry πŸ™‚


is still sold, but this taste was a separation of butter, even though I love it I used to eat too, for some reason, the majority of which was stale πŸ™‚

The Toybox

we used to always get our attention would attract more toy in the taste, I guess that’s the price of 1 Lira πŸ™‚


Lu had 3 in the package there were pictures of all kinds were sold as strawberry vanilla package carefully open the package and eating it up from Disney to cartoon characters we would like duzlestirird after picture πŸ™‚


I don’t remember the taste much, but it gummy took in the cartoons πŸ™‚

pop rocks

we have sewn our mouths that we’d still always be sold sometimes we would wait listening to the sounds of our heads exploding, and would continue to make sure we have some urkerd explode inside of us πŸ™‚


we have made a small gum in our heads you can’t directly describe the taste it would lead to πŸ™‚

Toto surprise eggs

our Father we loved the taste even more toys were sold for 1 Lira what can you get when you go to the grocery store When I say Buddha, we used it in the right hand with that, the chocolate was not so good we’d like it when I get home, but she was keeping her place the toy inside a toy we’d do it ourselves, we would put it on the table πŸ™‚

I can remember I’ve shared some of the shield products from the market Thank you for reading, I hope you liked πŸ™‚


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