From the thesis of Prof. medicines and perfumes brilliant documentary film the magical world of a book that tastes like

Prof. Clever Thesis in his latest book, the reader will once again take you on a historical journey. This time, a pharmaceutical history, on the trail of the secrets of Perfumery and in the back room…

an archive of the magical world of perfumes and medicines from hayykitap are the product of years of work. The book, ancient to modern times, from alchemy to Chemistry, from Hippocrates evliya çelebi, from Egypt to Ancient Egypt, a miswak from punani drugs, healers, cosmetics and fragrance

the magical world of perfumes and medicines, draws attention with its rich imagery. Detailed description With over 100 pictures and it tastes like a kind of black and white film of these pictures. Dr. Smart of the thesis in this final film, SideShow kept the staff extremely wide. That I remember, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, II. Abdul Hamid nejat eczacıbaşı, Ibn Sina, Cleopatra, Levi-Strauss, Marilyn Monroe, Crazy Petro, Karl, Merck, Napoleon, Shakespeare, and dozens

in the final? The slightly bitter taste of drugs in the mouth of the audience, a seductive fragrance on the nose.

what’s in the book?

chapter one: from the historical sections of the pharmaceuticals
in ancient times, medicinal plants, chemical drugs, poisons,
On medicinal plants and spices
Mandrake (

Chapter Two: The Art of cosmetics and perfume
a brief history of soap
in ancient times, perfumes and cosmetics
in ancient times, the cream-fat sour cream and fat on perfume
parfumlenme holy places, balsam, and a holy anointing oil
The Art of the Perfume Muslims
developments in the production of perfumes in medieval and early modern Europe
The Art of the Perfume Preparation in the modern era
Fragrance classification and the connection between the senses


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