From Where.. The Perfidy Of Fame

today a lot of people was after one case of his dreams.
to be known by the masses, the number of people that want to be loved is growing at a terrific pace from day to day. Now, a lot of requests and in exchange for him making money is very difficult. So everyone’s unhappy, everyone in the pursuit of making easy money. It was formerly the girls would seek to find a rich husband. I think I told you, I explained in great detail in too. a
for those who haven’t read it yet. 🙂
this time, however, I want to show you the other side of Fame.
the other part of the coin.
Transience was forged and how empty actually.
just like the water of fire, such as television screens.
carried on the shoulders of the people now what state do they come to you together with study. No, Yeşilçam perfidy, I’m going to call from your home with plaid sweatpants. The most valuable names in the World Arena at a time images of the fallen now I would like to share.
let’s do this then.
1 – Julius Caesar

perhaps the most talked about was one of the leaders in the history of the world, and most notorious, ruthless Emperor. Battle him with his genius in the field of history, with cruelty, and speaks with tremendous confidence. Songs were written on his behalf, and they were cheering, statues erected. The sole symbol of power in the Roman Empire, he has always been the man.
now what?
The name of the Emperor Julius Caesar Big Caesar salad at the level of today.
The name of the sauce on bottles and now roam in the menus. a
mad Burger Burger in America if the Emperor deliberately made to make satilma named Brutus.
you too, Brutus?!


after Julius Caesar, Cleopatra not to mention, of course. Perhaps history’s most famous, powerful female figure from the beginning of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt we’re talking about. The history of the world passion, anger, ego, written with his awesome name is death the penalty for using a bad sentence in that whole Cleopatra.
what’s the situation today?

Cleopatra Geeburaya geeburaya bunlaaar lemon! the
Whole sentence is death penalty for using the name in Bad Cleopatra, Cleopatra in the market today Ümraniye lemon. a
Sellers yelling until evening Suleyman abi.
oh. Poor Cleopatra, though the news eksirdi face. The (real)
3 – Napoleon Bonaparte
the history of the legendary Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, his military genius has been. Is shown as one of history’s greatest conquerors. Charisma, foresight, engraved in golden letters in the history of him and his posture.
has been recognized with plenty of bloodshed for the sake of the ideals of the Emperor.
what is the current state of Napoleon, and shed blood?

unfortunately the current pathetic state shed blood of Napoleon.
reputation level the color of the blood is no longer cherry.
the bench beyond the three of Cleopatra, red Napoleon now under one umbrella awaits its guests whole. Napoleon Cherry.
they are not able to download from the throne for many years, and look at this.
you will have a Discount soon. As an insult.
4 – George Washington

even as America’s First President George Washington who gave the capital its name, the statesman’s situation, unfortunately, it’s not different from others.
now my sister’s on Thanksgiving counter Washington, Orange.
Blue basin are selected,
3 should I continue to weight, brother? subjected to treatment in style.
5 – Angelina Jolie

okay, I admit it. After such serious guys, you created to change the weather to see such a beautiful woman, smile on your face. (Cleopatra lovely, now honey. Her face is ‘heartburn’.)
one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie to see, Of course, has the positive effect that most people. Then chose to retreat to the background for this elegant lady from health problems. More interested in no longer work on behalf of humanity. But probably the news from the end point though the door I punched him in Tarantino movies and he’d go to midnight.
The Star of the Red Carpet what is the status now?

now looms painted okra gives the name to Sunday.
Angelina Jolie travels in black nylon as okra.
so, what about friends?
What about what I’m not I’ll be in this life. :))
Vladimir Putin


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