From Your Skin To Warm You Up 2011 Autumn-Winter Underwear Collection

2011 autumn-winter lingerie collection is also a skin, innocent and Sexy at the same time wants to be mysterious lives down to the expectations of the ladies who doesn’t.

stylish, comfortable and healthy TAN who stuck to principles, autumn-winter collection fashion embroidering satin and lace lycra with embroidery in the colors of the year, dominated by the mink consists of laundry and bobs. So save it for special occasions so that you can always use a comfortable and very stylish and Sexy. Winter women warm up your clothing on the skin which can help to liven up the inner world and a lot of alternatives. Bra, strings, panties, shorts, panties, nightdresses, with a rich collection of models to your liking in ten stores athlete is ready to be submitted.

Fashion colors are used where all the product groups, as well as featured by the simplicity of laces, tulles and different with models that are equipped with processing, that appeals to every taste.

you can make a different color selection the products are optimum quality and price with the concept of ten stores, retail outlets and you can get it from.


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