Full protection against negative environmental effects: Dermalogica Barrier Repair

environmental factors and stress is the worst enemy of our skin. All these factors completely throw it away our lives, we also, it is possible to minimize the effects. Dermalogica Barrier Repair contains

the barrier Repair, sun, air pollution, sudden climate and humidity changes, chemicals, cosmetics, stress, and hormonal changes that are affected by environmental factors such as excessive sensitivity of the skin offers a solution. Repair Barrier, silicon-based waterless formula helps to relax and assists in the regeneration from the skin sensitized by environmental factors.

the car industry and the hydrocarbons from the emulsion by reacting with sunlight leads to ozone pollution. Ozone pollution on the system it brings the natural protection of the skin result in major damage. Thus the skin can hassaslasabi, can be toasted or more other reactions can be seen. Barrier Repair dermalogica special content

environmental factors like Dermalogica Barrier Repair sensitized, irritated skin that has lost its natural moisture after shaving to refresh the skin and it is an ideal product.

Price : 124,50 TL, 30 ml


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