Garden Of Miracles

the season goes on, nature renews itself and us, we are embracing a new life with new hopes. Colour collection 9 months with mothers conceived in the summer of 2010 begins its journey.Both the original and modern lines that fit into your daily life in the office and in the summer of pregnant women continues to reflect a different style.Spring-summer collection, designed in Rainbow Garden, Seaside Beauty constitute the main points of the collection and the themes of the weekend easy.

Rainbow garden, spacious meadows, fragrant spring flowers with a rich color palette that is a source of inspiration on a cheerful theme. He showed himself with all the vigour of nature, and the herald of the summer, leaf green, red, coral, berry hues, floral patterns and neon colors are being used. Natural stone colors as well as vibrant, powder, lilac, pastel pink, shades of peach, beige and soft colors such as mink takes on the character this summer with a bohemian mothers.

blouses voile embroidered romantic looking Kanuri, enriched with stylish details such as lace and embroidery, patterned dresses make for a more comfortable floating the spring and summer months is ideal. Classic business and casual style narrow and wide-legged modern-cut pants, skirts and dresses thanks to the elastic belt portion of mothers who had a pregnancy in the workplace setting and active bands running throughout the day to be Frequent to offer different alternatives. Denim in different washes and cuts, and colorful, and the most striking parts of the collection funny, cute, humorous prints on T-shirts. Indigo dyed denim-looking tights in this collection, which is one of the hits of this season. Special accessories that are used in denim, embroidery and a sporty style ideal for those who want to create stunning.

Seaside Beauty, type, a dynamic theme at the forefront of the marine theme that is casual and indispensable. Navy blue, red and white colors using with capri pants and knitwear in the different sectors of modern elegance creates. The mini salodress basic tshirt s, sequin capris and leggings, long tunics with embroidery and enriched with a modern cut kombinleneb. Another noteworthy Group is also in the summer collection thin denim. It is used where the effect of different washing, light and soft textured thin denim fabric, plenty of sports skirts with asymmetric-cut pants-capris sheer and sheer dress that comes to life.

reflecting the unbearable joy of the rainbow and chirping in contact Easy weekend T-shirts all day, preventing you from sweating and allows your skin to breathe.

Colorful sweats, shorts, capris, and with them on the weekends with the ball kombinlenen athlete and now will be even more fun.

in the aftermath of a cold winter’s Day and warm summer is about to knock on the door. Come on, start by undergoing pregnant to the nearest store to you on this colorful journey.

designed with love with love this special collection of wear.


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