Get To Know The Songs Of Vascular Surgery

Vladimir Putin: I agree with another Hi, everybody. 🙂
first of all, I would like to thank for your nice comments. I’m trying to write to thank all of you, but please forgive me if I missed.
before I start sharing, critical current, primarily for security purposes, all X-ray through the machine head towards the door, I beg of you. Please let there be a single line and cutting any metal on you, please remove whatever piercing. a
Sir?. Hours please Yes.
Hi again.
We were a little tired from you, I’m sorry, but this completely is about security. Thank you for your understanding. I found such a procedure necessary since the risk of injury is HIGH, the incumbent in songs. We got out of the water with the Katana sword also apologize for the noise of your friend. A sushi master himself, we because we didn’t really believe it.
The songs in the subject of vascular surgery.
let’s face it, no matter what type of music you are listening to your way, it’s definitely one of those songs from the past. a
friend who listens to Ray Charles love made a reservation in a nice tilbe made the transition to Stars, nice Ibrahim tatlises listening to Pavarotti our friend knocked on the door, who listens to Eminem nice young Ferrier’s wedding dance at drew.
because the children of this nation feels in all essence is not emotional.
and it is this sentiment that makes us unique from most countries in the world.
a graduate of Robert College kid so I went. Kiba icirtti. so the night of wailing, then there is no other explanation of binding to Robert keyiflenip hatemo. No flower. Type it into your mind before you go.
but some of these songs are, they really are the ones most severe among the other songs the group entrants. Move on to human life, jumping without a parachute, skin-dive can lead to side effects such as a desire to make.
physics, medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics and all the laws of science are opposed to it.
science can’t explain them.
come on Now, let’s examine a few of these songs with you.

1 – Hakan Bearing – Doc
my desperate cause of the problem is obvious, cure wounds doctor Search in. a
returns the inverse is the song that Hippocrates in his grave. If you look at the expression off the face of the deceased that freaking sad already, you can read the disappointment too. Man their Hippocratic oath, but even there he comes Bearing Hakan does not recognize and medical. Even making the guy on top throws:
I love you away from me come don’t waste your time, doctor. the
fuck you in vain I read 6 years Type?! a
family physicians of Hippocrates and even the poor there is a fair amount?
shame, shame.
2 – müslüm gürses – give it up

by upsetting the laws of physics, Gravity is the song that deny the existence of. The great masters of our music late gürses, a razor that gives the right value market shares on a night timely is the song. (You X-ray friends we haven’t spent in vain.)
The song has not yet been explained by science, the laws of Physics.
If the world turned upside down, give up, give up, out of the sun in the sky. and
the bones of Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo sizlamis I guess. a
G: Isaac, Isaac! Or is this my son? a
N: dude, don’t let it break your heart I’m not myself right now.
3 – Gazelle – Friendly trip flickered and I said, a single mother, I cried

to explain, not being able to understand a song.
Mefulu, mefailu, failatu failuttun son!
gazelle a few times already read and deleted from the history of the song.
I said Friendly trip flickered, a single mother, I cried
come, who understands friends since.
4 – the right cloud – I’m jealous

we ask the cloud right from here Dear. Right, dad, what can you hurt that boy? Is it proper ever?
Yet three-year-old I have a brother, you even I’m jealous of him
is that even a sentence? the
jealous of what the poor guy? Bottle I a stranger to pick you up?
jealousy is a disease Look an entire generation.
sun, shadows, the winds blowing from every inch of the ground, walk from the white pearls around his neck, and the last one I give you salute. you’re beginning a jealous man in the country has expired. To say that is it not?
Sir?. You’re saying this is who I am?
OK right, dad, with all due respect to you, of course.

5 – Kerim Tekin – snow white
sister with our beautiful late kerim tekin a great voice she read, Yes.
God bless.
but in its essence shave completely own this song! a
friends in a world that does not exist!
happening in the rest of the world, all hell breaks loose if I don’t give up you still. and
come on! Look at a comet, the mind is the mind of man.
really created by God in a situation like that you don’t say, your feet hip gently as you call her,, had banging on our turf, you just drive away.
I love you ate! I have had this discussion already from the time of the film Titanic TA pan. Who was unable to get cold, Combi rose jack girl went home froze because poor, poor you. After the first bell Canan friends. Correct me if I’m wrong. a
Leonardo! Unfair didn’t my brother tell you.
thanks, God bless, brother.
Home Hi.

6 – Seyfi Doğanay – it was a decision born the sun be without you, my world

NASA took the decision to shutdown after this explanation.
even President Richards couldn’t hold back the tears.
all of the laws of quantum physics astronomy how empty everything actually appeared to be upset after this song.
The International Space Station and space scientists resigned and they returned to their villages in Yesil with tomatoes started to cultivate pepper. a

Yes friends,
We know some of the songs are heavy vein.
we bear witness to the events illogical.
the pain of suffering love, your love ones!
before you can listen to these songs especially the X-ray machine and passed through a nice chamomile tea make sure you are prepared. Better yet, you take a bunch of complete and chamomile kemirin better. a
Vladimir Putin 🙂


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