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Today I will discuss one of the topics most familiar of our lives. a
this thread is so familiar, anyone who reads my writing, but everyone at least stop at one item, you will find a piece of your own life. a
in this life we haven’t tasted one of us?
Yes. We’ll talk about a stake through friends varieties.
actually trust in all kinds of varieties of these stakes with the most simple words, is the general name of running on empty based on our bad memories. Usually well-intentioned people from the beginning of these results in humans, sometimes only in the moment of the event creating a loss of confidence being high, not even of the opinion that exchanges can lead to continue with the rest. They therefore escape the effect.

sign, Lecture Notes do you have?
No, I won’t. What you gave last time! a
or Sign! That Tern was not! Burcuuu.
No I won’t! a
as you can see. Weren’t we all that line.
Actually, we use the word friend, but friendship, even non-painful, treacherous conditions. But as friends because they’re also friendly to our language made by the people we saw went as well as a stake.
let’s get to know the types of the stake friends now.

1 – a stake through a friend at school

this kind of mugging people in order to achieve their selfish aspirations for a thousand likes or dislikes when it comes to the right side of business while helping someone draw. Heavy selfish to a degree. Lecture Notes paylasmissi him, he gave me a copy in the exam, sit down and anlatmissi does not understand the subject. But one day, some notes from him for 3 days when you want the biggest Stake of your life throws your exam. Gave to another friend or so called notes, or the handwriting is not legible in its own terms, and he did not even use won’t be friends already.
what’s up man? Hieroglyphic writing notes you have on the wall?
Traitor, hiyaroglif, son anaksunamu aneksenamun you! a
stand next to you at night, emitting smell as sweet corn in a cup, I put before you niyetleninc less to get a reservation. We need to wait for 15 minutes. you I would hope!

2 – friend, confidant stake

this tour is the variety most common in the friendly stakes traitor. People lost their trust to each other these days, you still friendship, sincerity, no one to tell your secrets to people you trust, you can tell you your specific problems. They don’t tell you these secrets to anyone. It is the fault of your life.
I don’t believe it. Very interesting
Ayça, please keep my ear to elif. the
aaa! Nuray do you say that now? Love you get.
I love aycaci. OOF, I don’t know what. I know you can’t tell already. a
this secret will go with me to the grave Nuray.

3 – friendly financial stake

The financial stakes are also another famous friend friendly varieties of the stake. This stake also, unfortunately, very good intentions people with places. You as next to your friend the return of true friendship in tough times you ought to be. Sometimes even gave their support to him even though yourself fall into a difficult situation. Some of you didn’t even keep in mind how much money that is. Because these things should not account for among friends. But it is a problem for you occurs when you have a hard time. So next time your friend will come up with a thousand excuses you shamelessly your difficult situation, it will awaken the desire to attack you.
Burak, man, 50 pounds do you have? I’m stuck too. a
Ha. My brother money pick up the dog. But Turkish doesn’t have money on me. the
$ would be my brother. I I’il cash.
But. Today’s Sunday, man. Is closed. a
how’s the market? Thursday today. a
Aaa! Thursday?! Then let’s go to the market. Good thing you reminded me I was going to buy Apple. the
Son, What Are you saying? Exchange office I call. Dollars dollars. a
oh well. Now there’s Riel me but my brother in Cambodia. a
Riel Cambodia?! What’s with that? a
Ah. That’s the thing. From Cambodia to the US or the landlord. Many nationalistic. Ariel always wants. the
the fuck home is not your own? It’s not the tenant’s!
oh. In fact, all the tenants in the world are we not, bro?

4 – a stake in a Meaningless friendly

Friendly is one of the most stubborn types of stakes. No animosity among you is not a problem either, although it will vary for no reason and you speak to your friend sells. Until yesterday you Non-water is now your friend your mind to talk to people you wouldn’t dream of oozing started. Your gasket is relaxed, non-oozing the water now began to seep into your brain. You wake up one morning and your friend has been a completely different person. At a time if you can, there’s nothing there when you lose someone you call your friend. If you call to lose the name, of course.
or Tankut so what happened? a
Vihi vihiiii. and
what the hell kind of reason is that what you laughing at?
I don’t know. Vihi. a
Very tankut you’re really a person.
5 – friend Relationship buldumcu stake

here we are, the most famous being the last one our friendly stakes.
so much a stake through a common friend, has happened to most of the people. He was alone most of the times, your friend begins an affair with you and no longer you never call and ask. Of course, you are wanting to spend as much time as it used to be, you are selfish and it is a shame. For example,
Hakan! Abi don’t call me at all!
my brother. Sibel, I know. I said I’ll see you on the weekend. and
not me!!! I would like to drink coffee every day. You can go home.
no friends no. This isn’t healthy.
eventually you may want to spend more time with his girlfriend and of course a relationship has started. This example isn’t already our friends. a
in our example, when the relationship started, her loneliness, who forgets the friends who shared memories selfish, ungrateful friends, intimate boyfriend and girlfriend at the time who cut people loose with the environment. Thus, the person inevitably to wonder if such a behavior had no relationship, my friendship, because it has used fill your FREE Time? create the image. This is already too much of a stake.

together we saw the most famous groups of friendly stake. the
thousands of each sub-sample group of the stake, which may be divided into examples of these friends I hope the title doesn’t equate to you a thousand times.
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