Girls Family Is Asking For

KS like a family. Alone is the Savior of the night. The most beneficial is a site of virtual worlds addictive. I think it would be useful for new members. So, without further ado, I want to tag in the site members that I have a connection. The most I took off.

@man doc Graham is one of the most knowledgeable people on this venerable site. He has substantial knowledge about everything. Especially when you enter any dilemma about life, type my teacher without hesitation. You can be sure that you tie up your life again.

@Naz18 hanging out on his own, full of life, little brother. I like a lot. The room loves her brother.

@Izmir III-girl is one of the most attractive girls of the site. Has been in our little talks. As long as you protect your level you listen. Good people 🙂

@u The Kiss of life the Rose of the site. Is limited. Not without him this site. Hih has added meaning to the word itself.

@Bojinov_o I love. He knew his own value, and I’ll love it more. Usually my brother in rebellion.

@man yo dude you are always melancholy. To me is very similar. Our Head structures are almost the same. One of my favorite members.

@Lichen, I love it. Our communications outside of KS continues.

@hayirdircani old friend. Things are strained between us. I think one of the colors of the site.

@Besiktas _Tulu’ s brother. Is my favorite. 🙂

@Laz-I’m the brother in friendly website. Share your troubles with me 🙂 though they do not have a problem. Usually we can chat.

@Lolskill friend, dear.

@Kurugol he’s run me a lot. I’ll write whenever I get drunk. Listen to me. He’s sick of me ?

@_Bluelady is one of the most popular members of the site. Such personalities is a huge chance for us to be on this site.

@DarkQueenn3 little communication is a member. He doesn’t care much anything. But I like him. I know 🙂

@secretgardenblood2 Korean lover. Don’t be surprised if he writes from Korea soon 🙂

@nice chat if a member of the Empress own. I love itself. I know 🙂

@docile Kitty calling me uncle we met. A very good personality. My loved ones. Uncle says he left the ABI in opinion at the moment 🙂

@Pearl Omar didn’t anybody on site, anyone that wasn’t able to hold a bird with personality. At the moment it doesn’t look the site, but most pure-hearted one of the members. Intimacy has been misunderstood from time to time, but that she is like an angel.

@Sinirlibiber the site of the musician, the question of the day you can see him often. Mabel a piece of a still I listen to it. There’s not love until love. I like a lot. It is better.

@Rusasigi Architect, 1.90 tall, muscular. The boyfriend of the young girl.

@Emre00 famous with short and clear answers. More enters the Fray. 🙂

@OgzhnOztkn very polite and respectful brother. It’s a good thing I said.

@Reddish when she wrote I read it like 6 times. This is how to use Turkish format. So beautiful the words the release site in Turkey that the number of people who can small. It has a distinctive style.

@4llah-Who-Orange is brilliant. Have good ideas about almost everything. Homegirl also.

@Romiyo_ the first member to the site I was weird when I was jealous. If I had a girl on the site 3000 5000 online u in love with this guy 🙂 is one of the colorful personalities of the site. He’s a smart guy besides.

@Rainman says I can’t find a girl constantly for 2 years but I don’t believe in. Finds he doesn’t like himself. Questions girls usually doesn’t like to go der 🙂

@fishnet stockings is very cute, very sweet, a member ☺

@Hanfendi1 I’m the teacher. My most favorite people.

@tugce_ he could be a guru 🙂 when you copy and paste the questionnaire is so cute 🙂

@durrusehvar New we meet. I hope our friendship always will be.

@Wabi-Sabi With listening to Teoman used to be. Doesn’t seem much anymore, but lucky to have met her I wouldn’t.

@Balbadem lucky to have him on this site, I think. Very knowledgeable and is one of my favorite friends.

@my clean Besiktas President Ahmet’ s brother. You’ll know if you meet the cleansing of the heart.

@he’s my buddy voluptuous. Follow your paws. This guy is a smart guy.

@Kemal sönmez awesome photos kareledig draws attention. Keep track.

@celibunumbe the friendship dates back to ancient times. I’m privy to. We haven’t seen for the last 2 months.

@Wolverine: it’s like Cormorant. Don’t have one. 🙂 Are my favorites.

@capkin_kuru_fasulye the first member, when I was the only master he was. I thought I was the owner of the site 🙂

@yyyy I love bet. We can chat.

@pilav_ustu_az_kuru my brother is a kind of mod they didn’t do. I blame the management 🙂

@crazy got me on the roof with her by my side has been my most difficult moments. The man in the world so that it is still so sensitive. It’s a privilege to meet him.

I’m adding an image I have to add ?


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