Guide To Coping With Life

1) Do not try to catch up with everything

catch up with everything at the same time a work station is pointless trying to ride all the trains and you won’t be any return, on the contrary, you will wear out even more spiritually. Do you prefer to be able to accomplish something in life that you must accept.

2) determine your priorities

work/school, family, friends, sports, hobbies, all in order according to the degree of severity. Then your job/your school, your spare time, you’ll evaluate how your program according to the order that you create.

3) keep Calendar

your business calls, meetings, pre-scheduled meetings, events to attend, your exam paper on the due date what you can do in your house, work and school-related work, using a calendar, note etc. Thus, more efficient and at the same time he was methodical you will find the opportunity to evaluate your leisure time more easily. When it comes to the gym you go to regularly or the course feel free to add them. To lose yourself but you will do breakfast, not even coffee, be careful not to make notes. It’s worth to let some things happen in life 🙂

4) don’t try to control everything

don’t be a control freak. What about your own life and everyone else’s life more than necessary do not interfere. Accept that everything may not be as you want it. You know you can get yourself out from underneath with heavy programs do not test.

you can behave as you like your friends to stay and create the environments that according to this criterion. Feel free to cry or laugh out loud. Live like you’re feeling.

5) don’t worry about anything

raise your head and don’t make Tiny problems is a matter of life and death. Consider the solution, locate and forget it. Pay any attention to what the nation said. Keep your spirits up when you hear advice or criticism, but try to learn yourself. You know you can always do better, be ambitious, but ambition do not make.

6) make full of hope

give up the hope of tomorrow. Just whatever it is, this too shall pass. think of. It’s ultimately not as important as the lives of you and your loved ones nothing.

7) Smile

People make it a habit to show a smiling face. And at the same time greatly reduce this negative response that you get, you yourself will make you feel much happier and peaceful.

8) don’t give up on trusting yourself and others
yourself or someone in your life, other people, your confidence may be shaken. Each new person deserves a new chance know that that is not the same for everyone. Being disappointed, don’t be afraid of the pain.

People to make the right choices, the wrong choice the result of what they did learn. Which is a disappointment to you today, you tomorrow people or events a lifelong friendship, a love, that will lead to a better job, or prepare the ground.

9) don’t get stuck in the past

your past life, your previous mistakes and your regrets don’t you? Learn from those mistakes and look ahead. What have I done? if not, what can you do tomorrow? I think

10) live according to your own values

it’s not like the others that want to be, how you want to be then so be it. Just be happy. Don’t waste your short life trying to be someone you’re not.



love never give up.

The Joy of life is nice)


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