GUILTY and funny dogs :D

1. We didn’t get enough Thanksgiving dinner.

2. I mixed my mother in her sleeping bag, one 3 in 1 red lipstick and I broke a dollar bill.

3. She’s not looking while I ate my brother’s chicken.

4. The tree place. 🙂

5. Killed pinky

6. On the left: because I was in the back seat of the car diskiladim Diarrhea – on the right: I sat on top of me 😀

7. Suzi: my own poop, eat the poop of other dogs and then my master’s face and I’m licking.

8. I peed on my sister in the bathroom.

9. I thought I was the last one I had 3 people and 4 burgers.

10. The package has arrived

11. I killed a murderous Spirit the following

  • two carpet
  • one belt ( one is in critical condition)
  • three pairs of shoes
  • the cat, and then I blamed

12. I was so excited due to the company’s exit and I was in a relationship with the cat

13. Number of days that have elapsed since last I ate my poop:0

14. I tried to commit suicide by eating all the cookies my mom and dad did. Harold

15. White wolf Roux: I’m sorry I broke the cat tree.

place the dog in Maya: I’m sorry I was helping him.

Blakely’s Cat: I saw them and I didn’t care.


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