Hair Care Advice For Great!

1. Step: if your hair is dry * almond oil, argan oil , olive oil you can use, But I don’t recommend because it is very difficult to rinse.

2.Step: the mixture of garlic vinegar bath for normal maintenance after it dries your hair before you can take.

3. Name: boil and soak the leaves of the Ivy the way it moisturizes your hair for your hair one of the best methods that you can hold as long as you wish!

4.Step: open it without any damage to your hair if you want to feed at the same time, use chamomile tea.

5. Name: kozmetikci of mustard oil with healthy hair you can take you can visit on a temporary basis. 🙂

6.Name: one of the best methods vinegar with lemon, apply this mix often.

7. Name: you can take your hair by mixing honey and yogurt. This is said to the dryness of your hair . (I haven’t tried it)

8.Step: if you are suffering because your hair is going to tear because it is broken, you can use rose water . (Haven’t tried)

9: step: driving by the coconut roots for dryness in the form of massage you can apply.

10. Step: the paint is worn, egg mask for damaged hair,” I suggest.

11.Name: Thyme after boiling let it sit and soak your hair with the water, the smell can be a bit annoying.

12. Step: gurlestirmek Hair, tighten to thicken if you want, you have to use this oil for almond oil, argan oil, I suggest a mixture of artificial if you wish, you can put it into your shampoo if you wish, a mask can be added.

Thank you for reading I’m glad I could Help !


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