Have been wondering about given.

A person marriage, trade, travel, or about similar issues I wonder if cold feet when he fell, want to resort to various methods for the removal of this distress. Hesitations about what to do to eliminate these persons who are competent, or experienced, a wife, a friend or a relative to ask. In short, the consultation refers to this issue.

Surat ash-Shura, 38.in one verse Allah says, “their works among them with counsel,” reveals.

that set an example for the believers in every particle of your life, guiding with the Sunnah and revelation which have been granted directly to the Prophet (s.a.v) as a result of decisions made in consultation with the companions even matters most has was put into action.

“no one gets hurt Given who consultation, who regrets that follow maisetce family Economics doesn’t attract a lot of trouble.”

Bids Rasul, and the importance of it is emphasized. While it is evident that economics is an important topic of consultation and the Lord with peace in his heart given them of people without other means of applying birr is also recommended. This is also the Sunnah also.

Given the word no from God as the right way to apologize is to ask for help. Our prophet taught us about prayer and worship which is a form of that given jabir bin Abdullah said,

“The Messenger of Allah (a.s.m.) from the Qur’an teaches us as he taught it in a while, all of our great small businesses, and said:
‘one of you when you are wiiling your heart, pray two RAK’ahs.”

Given two rakats prayer. Imam al-ghazali of this prayer in the first RAK., in the second RAK’ah Surat al-ikhlas to read recommends.

it is narrated, my Lord, after performing this prayer, he prayed, saying:

“my God, this will be good to show me the truth about my job because you know that I supplicate. You the endless power he’s defecting, I’m waiting for help. I want Almighty to bestow His grace. Certainly you can afford you everything, I can’t afford anything. You seem to know everything, I don’t know nothing, while all you know, God, this is my religion, my life, my fate, my world, and grant me that’s best about the Hereafter. Then bring the body in it for me of abundance and fertility. This is Business, my religion, my life, my fate, my world, and the Hereafter if it is not auspicious about it from me, get me out of it. Don’t leave a slope in my heart in this matter. Make it easy for the best for me. Then don’t be satisfied with the goodness of appreciate me saying.”

We chant this prayer we can into whatever we wanted while I was in this place.

Ibn abidin, “read and pray towards the qibla ablution before going to bed as lying. Yesil is white viewed in a dream or if that is no, it is found in black and red, and indicate that it is evil. It would behoove you to avoid the evil one.” that has decreed.

I hope I’ve been useful.

you may be pleased with the Lord of the worlds.


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