Have you ever thought why Russian girls in TURKISH?

Turkish girl, I apologise.

the Russians are well-maintained they are
Turkish girls as they are neglected for an instant bidet they do not refrain from producing any excuse to get out on the water.
eg: I have a relaxed personality/grunge im/my style/you don’t wash your hair every day then it is poured

tall they are Russians
our guys as close to the ground where they will close to their asses.
eg: 1.62 average Turkish girl, Turkey long. Russia this rate is 1.76 s.

If they are broke in, the Russians know how to have fun
without your money especially try to get to know a Turkish girl.
eg: my dear, come drink and super fun in the park this evening. saaaaaakk .leave

said something that the Russians couldn’t do when they try to learn
Turkish girl has the answers you will get when you tell.
eg: then you better find someone who does !!! me so much !!! enough !!!

the Russians are open to all offers unless you can explain the logic.
The answer is always no to the first of Turkish girls
eg: my dear, want to go on vacation this summer with a tent? -my dear parents, I’m going with!!!!

unless you ask they won’t tell you when you have problems with Russian girls
Turkish girls have been through before you even say hello, or how sad/tired/they are angled even begin to describe
eg: Hello my dear. my stomach is very sore today !!! a man caught after. !!!

Russian girls back scratching, because they know you are vulnerable.
the more Grooming they will do what is known as Turkish girls
eg: e – how long were he nails dear!!!!
t.k.- harttttt harttttt..

Russian girls are emotional and aims to go all the way
of Turkish girls didn’t come into the business where you will get a kick.
eg: I’m writing exactly what you said a Russian girl
r.k. – if you eat bread i eat bread, I drink water you drink water
t.k. – if I go get you some bread, if you have already gone to bring water

Russian girls unquestionably are beautiful !!!. it is unnecessary to even discuss it. even folks are looking for with pitying eyes.
Turkish girls, although they say we are always the best to be able to turn it off, there are always excuses


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