He Was In Love With Those Who Think It’s A Long Story

these days, Mr. Jaeger will tell you their story.

before the story begins I want to mention a detail or two. What’s you say About the birthday curse in the first place, but later you will understand. Curse my birthday every year, taking place on June 15.

since the age of 14 years have been for that damn 5, 6. briefly I wonder what will happen year, 14. Fight on my birthday I got beat up a lot, 15.de was hit by a car 16.also I was expelled from school 17.de my best friend, I said I got screwed 18.de I went with my family 19. you will learn in the story on my birthday.

but it will be a little long.

this day from the night until the morning of June 15, 2015 with the joy of having nothing ever happened, in the morning I got up, washed his face, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast 9-10 hours was then made. so I get on the computer, lol play. 12 in the water my phone rang (playing that game is a meteor coming to earth family to turn on the phone if they call again I was in the emergency room) and I opened to find empty.

The former was a friend, he said he’d introduce me to someone, I Kayamadım *profanity* with whom will introduce again I wonder if this *expletive* *expletive* *expletive* gave a very nice sound when the phone came said Hi we started talking, I said to myself, in every case, I was lucky, seen my profile picture on Facebook my friend’s account, wanted to meet a friend, you’d be the man she referred me to you, it doesn’t event it was I curse the day I met him.

anyway we started talking, we named x. Minutes talking or on the phone bill like crazy I was getting was not enough in the package was a beautiful. Anyway, we talked, we talked, I was going to go to Ankara with my dad, but I said I was going to leave with my brother and my grandma let’s go. my birthday, we went with my grandmother after 1.5 months, and 14 days later I’m going to Ankara. I’ve got a ticket in his car in the evening of 11 August 14, time just slipped away. August 14 evening 8 9 I should say at that time you say You called the girl I talked to in slobbering

you’re a fucking person, what you tricked me

thoroughly confused talking to my nerves L*N the 14th, the whole family went crazy what is happening coming down on me. Me crazy Kitty is my moment, I’m taking a rest everyone, but I’m trying to control my nerves. Mom-to-be is looking for

forget me if you go to Ankara

my brother crying and slobbering

dude, I won’t see you again?

don’t worry my child is crying my brother crying because my grandmother slobbering when I saw your brother looking for my dad

what time are you coming?

on the other hand, the girl I’m freaking out.

e Mrs. x I said, I called my mom I’ll see you when tomorrow comes

come and go so quickly that you can me (more slang, of course) so I called the Father and why we’re coming tomorrow, are you doing se, I turned to my brother, Pasha, don’t cry constantly, I will go next

I turned to my grandmother started laughing and I’m freaking out. Ankara, 15 August at 6 in the morning , I got off the bus, I ran down my bagel place I have yardira yardira I said, Give me a bagel! How Can I miss you if you know how your mind stops. I’m 4 years I was far away from Ankara so freakin ‘ real bagels. I got a bagel and my tea, I sat down and pulled out my cigarette burned smell when I’m chilling in Ankara, the phone rang, because I’m coming down to park, of course, she would awaken several times I called Madam.

The tea bag in my mouth and 1 big bag 2 wheel blow up on Run 2 I got on my back 🙂 (I have a comfortable 60 pounds) I went to, I saw, I said Oh, my God, what a beauty . He was going after the fraud, sure, it’s been a while we meet every day, I walk from half an hour away. Get up early in the morning. Some situations went wrong I’m going to go hang out with my grandma, she made me promise. (I’m holding my words the first time I’ve ever held in my life) so I’ll be every 2 weeks.

Dude you are making a promise like that, why are you crazy?

600 km road l*n ! whatever we were promised. Back and forth we started, as months passed, began to wrap close to winter break were crazy, my mother disowned on the same day I broke up with my boyfriend, my brother called angrily speaks, the Father is complaining to me about my mother, my grandmother bit by Bit Bit is doing my head in. La what I said in Ankara, the next day I’m, of course, I shit in your mouth I will write it clearly so I went to Mrs. x you’re mine, extension. Standard input into the type of girl we love that softened at that time it comes to us that we are living as a married couple takes care of cooking the dishes that we eat I night I sleep and hug inhaling the smell, sometimes some of the actions we live 🙂 everyone knows what it is.)

anyway, the February holidays are upon us once again we were separated I didn’t understand at first what it was, WhatsApp being online also late to respond, plug, etc., of course, some events happen without them, I spit in your mouth, I had quite a fight with some people. So, consider y to proceed to the city you’re in Ankara in the morning, at noon and again at 2 in the morning someone beat you y take your pants of in the city.

Anyway, for reasons I don’t understand what happened being this cold, late reply to the message the phone gives late blooming, I promised we’d spend Spring Break together in Ankara, I was going to be. On the morning of the first Monday of the semester break in Ankara, Turkey I’m, we met, we sat, we were dust we visited in the evening, I’ve seen this cheating physically. this is messy, crying alone I was sitting on at that time, I was to walk drunk in the streets drunk almost cigarettes and beer in my hand. Cheating boy exhausted my patience so I put out a cigarette on his face, and the girl blew out smoke in my face (of course I didn’t do anything don’t hit the lady.)

anyway, the kid I caught the middle of the night, I came in my pants strangle I got to that level I don’t care, and just then my mom told me a story came to mind, I left the boy (I will write the last story) I said If I see it again I will pull his brains out of his ears, squeezes the sack after that day, I didn’t see the boy again 😀

This is the most depressing event that took place on my birthday curse was that it was unfinished, I thought it was a good thing. If we come to the question of whether liked, very much so. All good my friend turned back to her. Do I still love? I can’t even give you the answer to this question. I don’t know if he feels something, But all I know is that I love and really miss.

to be honest with you, I never had a relationship so much. Why would I go out and usually at this age the girls never even go back to see what I get. I saw what went through my hand, like the video below. After that take pity, I don’t think I can.

Briefly talking about my current situation, I’m getting ready to college with a delay of 2 years, I’m with my family? still bad, my mom was that woman I don’t know. just a biological bond we have, dad? can’t help himself leave. My brother lives in his head, something that he’s doing something. In short, I have pathetic, there is no trace of humanity.

a little information about me, my physics average my height is 1,72-to 1.77 somewhere in between, I’m from the Middle in terms of what I’m weak physically, overweight, Nov, short similar to this my type of anime, I’m going to use it as.

there anyone I’m not gonna lie.

The woman told my mother that joke

a man returning from a business trip after his wife came with a man in the house, and looks at the woman and the man a few times. pack up your stuff and leaves the house before you open your mouth after the woman divorced, she’s a woman the man marries. in the same way as the woman then the man kills them both and couldn’t bear prints. They talk the big guy goes to visit the man in prison is a bit old, and the man asks,

you see us in that situation, didn’t open his mouth you walked away. how did you do that?

the ex-husband responds

come on, that woman is a bitch, you in the same way, to ruin his life and blood for two fuckers do you need? der a little bit and continue to talk.

this true story like mine. For 2 Bastard to ruin your life do you need? If you ask if you’d still like Ha, Yes I can love someone like him, it would be unfair not to. A suggestion from Mr. Jaeger, you look like every relationship your policy. Live like it’s the end, then the meaning would be.

Thank you for reading. Else I don’t know if sharing it makes Mr. Jaeger, but thanks for reading again, I would appreciate if you leave a comment.


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