Head girl is what We and what do we want? What Is The Stage After Separation?

Gentlemen! This post is to expose my daughters to how you should behave even though it may be some issues you illuminate and explain.

The head of the girl is what?

how to think straight we can’t think straight guys us girls We support, we always ayrinticiyiz. Details about detail, isn’t it? The way to a girl’s heart is of interest. Likewise, we don’t mic the mic like the relationship most of us.

like I said, I feel that even the chick who influenced you owned. The result is that we Ha our own situation without exaggerating, you’re not the freed slaves. He off the street with his mouth ‘Loose’ is described as what we hate men.

I think you make. Make it yourself. Ha there is a girl who doesn’t believe in horoscopes. Open and read even if you don’t believe my son once our character more or less has been adopted.

The first 5 rule of a relationship, interest, INTEREST, INTEREST, INTEREST, interest!

don’t forget. If you are interested then te ‘have you eaten? Love while I go to the bathroom take me’ nonsense like they are not. Guys is not so difficult if we use a little head. Some sympathy, good wear and good talking about it, it’s this can be solved.

in a pinch, interest, sympathy, beautiful smile, a little humor (and also having fun with you if you’ll be indispensable) there you are the ideal candidate we are clever little socializing.

He, most importantly, external appearance, brush your teeth, gentlemen! Short or long the girl’s head is perfectly capable.

what do we want?

we want to make the man, or we don’t really want anything. Love owns us or something we don’t want kiskandirin so much with the other girls. Gecemiyce but to say that ‘the little things I like, love, or DDD’ is a DUD! We love gifts and surprises that we know no such thing. And every time we have a gift we would like to take to the air. Mic mic 1500 paper to write the word it’s all love at our present situation it’s not. We’re glad that you forced us to do this role like cut! Again, we all want attention.

instead of writing every girl, a little cool, my darlings! Don’t let your generation as men we want HI MRB posted by NBR. A man affects his speech. They don’t say man ‘vowels money? .’ I won’t curse anyway.

a trip if she’s willing to pull the girl to her brain, and TAV, we’ll be three good sentences already. So what you’re exaggerating. Likewise, a trip to the outer circle!

we value that we’re playing hard to get. Sus! Sus! Necessarily take away! So, basically, we, not so nice we want to be loved. And I repeat. Interested and we want to participate

Vee sonlayan I think will be my last entry. Here’s the most important issue, I’ll enlighten you. The girls forgive me.

after the separation stage!

This is very much in love you think the question is what should I do, I’m writing to men asking. A tribute to you gentlemen.

The Girl you see in front of you with pride, doesn’t the ceiling so hard that you give up and ending a long term relationship if you don’t have to be an idiot! Anyone else clear, well, laugh it up, no trouble, you probably appreciated more than you you are interested in and don’t push so hard. We didn’t get to write our noses Illa ha man so he could go. He also don’t you just leave the door open in the event that we have to eat.

please open your eyes, ‘Dec I need to, I’m so tired of cinema is that of the Son? 12 hour bus driver? They say it’s what break-in? But us poor Ben, unfortunately I can’t say. She and Murat Emre Berkcan, Aytuğ you don’t know is coming or something!

here is an open door ‘ Dec,’ okay, I’ll wait my love! You say, and that is filled with Dec someone else, and either you or kiyaslanili outweigh those. If he comes back it’s yours, if it does not rotate, gentlemen, I’ll point lahmacun der. Anyways guys this disclosure.

girls, I’m sorry, kisses from me.


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