Health Benefits Of Sunlight

summer is coming! Many of you have already Packed it’s bags!

before you go on holiday you know about the sun, the better the better. I’ll tell you!

there are many benefits to the sun to the world and to people. Against us the sun and the rays through our skin, we must take to feel the benefits. Of course, this time according to your own limit should.

the sun which is very important Especially for children and babies at the same time it can be dangerous. So, goggles, hats and creams should be used. Also, you should avoid the sun at certain times only.

white skin, because it is more sensitive compared to other skin must be more careful.

Tan in the sun for more than 15 to 20 minutes should not be relied upon.

health benefits of sunlight


  • positive psychological effects. On sunny days the energy of people becomes higher. Those days people feels more energetic and energetic yourself.


  • the sun is the only source of vitamin D, which needs are met. Thus, vitamin D deficiency does not happen, it is not resistance and it gives the rate of metabolism.


  • part of the body’s calcium needs are met. Prevents the occurrence of bone diseases. Nov and gives health to the bones. Reduces arthritis pain.


  • serenity for giving sunlight to the body, thanks you can get a more comfortable night’s sleep.

there are benefits and risks to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays it emits. These rays can cause cancer, although many more can have a negative impact. There are things that must be done to avoid these effects.


  • 11:00 and 13:00 outside under the sun. During these hours the sun’s rays were the most harmful comes and it is time that upright. If you are going to be forced out also do not forget to use a straw hat.


  • while choosing the products, you should choose Clothes that spends a minimum of sunlight. Made from cotton and loose clothing will give comfort.


  • when choosing sunglasses is true, and arrange to filter out ultraviolet rays to notice.


  • your skin from the sun’s rays is affected much, if your makeup products, you should choose the ones with a sun protection factor. The ones that are water resistant.


  • half an hour ago out in the sun the use of sunscreen will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. You should choose according to your skin. Sensitive / white skin should use SPF 50 sunscreen. Check the expiry date!

I wish you a healthy day.


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