Healthy for children, comfortable and fun shoes in Flo

the shoes of Super-Heroes, decorated with Flo…kids were happy

and they can’t give up the love of children, Super Heroes, Ben10, Spiderman, Barbie, Winx and Caillou, Flo’s 2011 Spring/Summer children’s collection became the protagonists of important.

Flo just thinks kids not the adults. Flo’s 2011 spring/summer season Super Heroes released showcasing decorated with opens a new window to the world of children’s shoes and children, both the interpreter’s dream.

Flo kids shoes, little fashion lovers the 2011 spring/summer season, it opens the door to a world of colorful and joyful. Custom designed shoes, thanks to both healthy they’re both wearing comfortable shoes and the kids Ben10, Spiderman, Caillou, they will have fun with Barbie and Winx characters. Noteworthy for its comfortable design and is compatible to the development of children’s feet Flo-colored models, you will enjoy the fun shopping with your children to take turns.

different measurement from number 40 up to number 17 presented with alternatives, pink, blue and white tones in the foreground of colorful sugar, flax shoes, Color prints, stamps, gems and beads, little ones Flo thanks to their imagination, is reflected in the shoes. Emphasis on foot health and comfort, Polaris, and many famous brand shoes the different models in the alternatives until kinetix starting from 19.99 TL offering to the liking of the children at Flo, Balloon-s, Dockers and Yellow brand Kids shoes, kids will entertain this season.

FLO stores offering a wide product range of stylish models of the season and new fashion, 100% leather shoes and accessories, with reasonable price is waiting for those who want to have options. Moreover, the March 18 and April 26 2011 Istanbul shopping fest 2011 will be held between shopping at special discount stores in the organization, Flo has a surprise. A special discount campaign that will continue throughout the festival, anyone who has a product in the second product will pay 30 percent less. For 40 days, open until 23:00 which will be discounted in stores, FLO and high quality shopping all await you. Also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the European side Anatolian days and one night time open until 02:00 will be located in the shopping center, Flo will serve the visitors of the mall store.

in 2001, the ziylan group, FLO established within Turkey, footwear merchandising is one of the leading in the market system is a system. FLO, the payment conditions with customers and aims to provide the most reasonable price in the fashion world.

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