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the genetic structure of Turkish girls it’s clear we are of average height. Usually we call the medium and short we have a situation. A tall heeled shoes that we’re different from most of US led to the Slavic race. However, high-heeled shoes all the time, don’t get to wear everywhere. The heel of the other hard, some is getting too long, and some hours later, tired feet.

this year, fortunately, both varieties appeared even featured in a fashion that you can find entrancing and orthopedic heels: Platform heels.Even on the hottest days of the summer to the winter version where you can choose to hold it comfortable, but these shoes are just as cute, summer 2015 trends.

if you wish, black patent leather, masculine style ones and prefer kombinleri with stylish clothes, if you wish, cloth, colorful lace-up sport models combine Sports Wear watch.

these shoes which can keep up with each type guyum, Leopard-patterned Leopard for enthusiasts.

in the summer, of course, the most preferred color is white laced one. Also combine your suit, sportswear shoes, very comfortable with colors and patterns that you can use in a way that you can browse.

for those who don’t like plain white shoes, of course, there are other options. Chirping dresses, colorful pants-blouses, sheer skirt sheer-shirt that you can wear them with each other cute, different designs and colors, you should make a version with most of the Dowager.

the weather isn’t warm enough Yet No, and still kombinliyor blacks, black compatible with the clothes I’m wearing. if you say, of course, produced most of the best-selling black color, patent leather or suede you can find all kinds of patterns.

from puskullu chained to the iron tokali detailed model of the Leopard you can find that with these shoes you’ll look so cute.

off the ones next to a window or open versions. What is it about? It doesn’t look bad at all with this model.

the most narrow-leg pants for a guy these shoes with shorts, long or short skirts, mini dresses and even boyfriend jeans you can use it without hesitation.

are models of style, both cute and masculine, of course.

Kokoslug, shine bright, sparkling shoe companies and also forget the people who love to be as above, silvery, scaly version produced.

they also have a leopard lovers va is not forgotten. Use Leopard produced or laced tassels and elegant model style/plain style Leopard shoes you can find in the model that reflect only the use and sport.

the loader is made in the style of these shoes enables you to define easily, with masculine style. If you want you can use kombinleri color and colorful in the summer, prefer black, along with black clothing and if you want you can use.

this entrancing new let it flow how many years will take effect.

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