Helluva a man, a lady that reach!

Yes, I think the reason I’m writing this the site is sourced from the girls. I’m trying really hard not to swear sometimes I get so angry.

since the day I came to the site, I see Always the same questions.

* will be how I’ll get into a relationship with my boyfriend?

*I had sex with my boyfriend what do I do?

*The 40-year-old guy I’m with I’m gonna cleave?

hundreds of questions like this exist.

why? The same girl man too, you’re even worse utanmiyorm your judges, because you don’t know you always have a hidden user?

almost one or more of P, si Girls, why are you doing something you’ll regret?

I think it’s because of my so comfortable my fellow men ( those who know themselves know, no offense to anyone) because most of the girls ( now I don’t know about what percentage of%, U, D, but all the girls are taken to the top to be taken to be) a man you are responsible for delivering it very comfortable to themselves.

why is he so alone that you are delivering it yourself, and then come back here and do you cry because my boyfriend dumped me . e, leaves of course, why would you leave. because there is a lot around you.

to order now Girls ( no offense to all the girls), sleeping with a married man what is yaa. a great success, a victory?

or in love with being the boss, being in love with her teacher is a nice thing to think of? You play 2-3 months I think not doing a boss 4. Would you fire it over the moon. yeh, we akilliyiz ladies, but our men are too smart.

what about the question I lost my virginity? Why such a pleasant thing it is you are making a mistake. why you’re letting them get the best of yourself? When I give a response or view in the comments of the answer I received, – why are you getting involved yaa, we love each other.

cheers, I’ll shut up I say, but this time she comes, crying, Darling, she slept with me, and then he left, we loved each other so much? My answer to that is, I’m not, I don’t care when you asked me.

of course, the girls who are attacking and removing our nails asked the question again, it resets and no value for this kind of girl don’t never let me 5para.

guys, Well, honestly, girls who don’t want to have sexual intercourse, why are you leaving? Love, love is in the bed of that mean.

Hee, but oh when it comes to marriage, whether you are a virgin, my hand said you want it to be. then clean, innocent, sinless Virgin in the middle don’t touch the girls, keep the girls.

how to patch in a society that is humanity, How does one?

The girls tomorrow, someday you will get married, utanmiycak to enter into the bosom of the man to be your husband? You would say that he accepts me as such, are not in the brain between the legs of Honor. I think no-one everywhere sorry your honor, brain, soul and body if you are missing any of these, you will honor me.

it’s okay boy it’s you live I asked you-my dad loved anyone before, have you? Have you ever thought What will be the answer? There’s a pouch for everything but right.

our life was that bad to us when our bodies, our brains, our souls to keep clean.

it can be makes sense when you think of dating someone.

you can’t reach you are a man. your securities, you know that you are in love love farketsin male. you have to want to marry, how precious we reach that you’re married.

Briefly, ladies, it shouldn’t have failed us, no one easy to reach, men have overcome some obstacles, the Self, the ego battle, they should understand your assets, the other way around everywhere else already, too.

Note: Please no offense to anyone. everyone of who knows what already.



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