have exam week coming up. Many of us, like me, not the day, prefer to work at night.(of course, sometimes during the day)

you must sleep during the day or night work, or work to avoid you should get your sleep.This second article shows you a few tips!


  • number one assistant, even though some of coffee and energy drinks are harmful.
  • in the current environment, some students adderall, ritalin, such as beta-blocker, which feature is using psychostimulant drugs. It’s so powerful and you can forget about having you work for hours and buried it. Medicines this medicine vigor and an incredible provide a concentration of 100 percent, although only those who are in need is given a prescription by the doctor. There is a risk the use of over the counter objectionable and highly addictive. I would not recommend unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Turkish coffee, espresso, filter coffee is high in caffeine, such as coffee I prefer.
  • if you can work with energetic music if you listen to music. I can’t work I’d prefer that.

myself to you now, step-by-step that works I tried and most of them I’m going to show step 10.

1-in the current environment with good air and let cool.

2-Go and wash your face once in a while.

3-harcattig and useful energy from the food you eat as little as possible eat foods as much as possible in water, preferably cold water.

4-Apple it’s a miracle! both healthier than coffee, and your sleep is going to help you unlock!

5-do a little stretching and relaxation exercises.

6-chew gum.(It didn’t work for me, but there are those who see the benefits)

7-motivate yourself to consider.

8-Definitely work in the light.

9-we will work with you if possible, but find a colleague who’s going to distract you.

10-go outside and get some fresh air.(The window may also be used)

friends, this is my first so I think it was.I hope you like it.


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